So evidently this blogger called “Bootleg Girl” exists. The name is quite fitting, at least the “bootleg” part. When you feel the need to remind everyone in pretty much every single post how much of a woman you are, you basically degrade into being a rough facsimile of a woman. She even has a spider and cobwebs in her avatar, probably representative of her dry, lonely, cavernous vagina that no respectable man would enter and even the thirstiest of white knights would think twice before plunging into. (UPDATE: Last night Bootleg Girl told me that she had a penis. This explains why Mike “No Homo” Anissimov is still obsessing over her) Perhaps the reason she’s such a lonely, unpleasant individual is that her entire blogging career involves such thrilling posts like “Queerness and Commander Shepard as the New Slash” or “On Atheism, the Pope, and Transgender Identity” and storifies (Why do so many pozzed folk love that shitty platform anyway?) like “Analysis of Terminator Gender Themes”. I mean, what kind of lonely loser spergs on and on about politics in nerd culture? Who would do that and expect people to pay them for it?

Desperately seeking attention and clicks, Bootleg Girl has decided to attack NRx. Because if fucking BoingBoing is any indication, bitching about the alt-right as some sort of evil conspiracy trying to usher in RaHoWa and the Silicon Reich puts overweight, tattooed, buttplug-filled asses in seats. Maybe we’re just an obscure enough boogeyman for the hipsters to hate, instead of that boring old GOP? Are Neo-Nazis too mainstream now? Maybe we should get Bryce Laliberte to break Geraldo’s nose and we’ll be too big for them to care about.

Before going into this, bootleg bitch notes that this article is part of her dissertation. One can only wonder what sort of dissertation she’s writing: “The Dynamics of Interbeing and Monological Imperatives in Nerd Culture: A Study in Psychic Transrelational Gender Modes” perhaps? Given how low the standards are in academia, you really can’t put it past her. Personally, if I were her professor, I’d fail her: She calls Mencius Moldbug a conservative Catholic. MyPostingCareer would love to hear that, so they can stop spamming “MOLDBUG IS A FUCKING KIKE” threads on /duck/ every day. That would be lovely.

This aspiring young prog starts her article by citing Arthur Chu. You know you’re in for a really intellectually stimulating read when Mr. Mindkill’s name shows up. She then proceeds to wonder what Justine Tunney’s deal is. It’s not uncommon for progs to hate Tunney, just yesterday she was accused of leading a covert #GamerGate infiltration and takeover of Google. In fact, a quick namesearch will tell you that plenty of prog weeaboo neckbeards hatefully obsess over her in a bizarre and kind of disturbing way. This article is no exception, barring the fact that the author is a woman, or at least I think she is. For being self-proclaimed champions of women in tech, Tunney’s position seems to REALLY infuriate techie progs. The writer then goes on to quote Anissimov calling her an ugly man or something, because Anissimov became a major leader of NRx now that his book is out and he finally got someone to write more than 200 words on it.

Anyway, she says that NRx is a “male, heterosexual” philosophy, but then goes on some long boring diatribe about how it’s based on Plato who was an evil misogynist. It’s easy to miss the details, I was too busy laughing over how apparently ancient Athens is known as a fiercely masculine and heterosexual environment. Maybe this chick is from an alternate universe where social sciences are a valuable field of study, “The Sarkeesian Effect” won Best in Show at Cannes, and I’m making more money than fucking Moviebob. Or more realistically, she’s just delusional like most progs are.

Anyway, she goes on to talk about the idea of nerds being oppressed, and brings up #GamerGate. As AntiDem’s waifu @chobitcoin so eloquently noted, attacking #GamerGate is the most prominent form of signaling for any good up-and-coming nerdy prog writer. Evidently, washed-up old developers can have all their past failures and their entire career revived if they get up and attack #GamerGate. It must be the new prog religious belief.They make a sacred pilgrimage to massive revivals filled with rainbow-haired androgynous sluts and the thirsty overweight closeted bears chasing them. It is there that they atone for their sins of white privilege by joining the sacred jihad against other progs who don’t feel the need to be so insufferable 24/7. Perhaps, if their sins are absolved, the great gods of critical theory will finally descend from the heavens and give them their new, unique gender identity!

She also relates a bunch of boring shit from her personal life about how all the cool kids beat her up in high school. You’ve probably noticed that it’s a common theme for progs to get picked on a lot in school. Will any of them will ever realize that it’s not because they’re “different” but because they’re all incredibly unpleasant to be around? Shit, most of #NRx is autism personified and we still had generally pleasant childhoods. Even the ones of us who didn’t have moved the fuck on with our lives. MPC and /duck/ still shove Anissimov into a locker every other day but he doesn’t seem to let it get him down. Maybe the progs are making this all up because they’ve never really faced the slightest bit of hardship in their childhoods but want sympathy anyway.

The author concludes by saying that she “pities” Tunney. I pity her too, given how her crush weev is most likely going to be happily married before long, depriving her of that big white hyperborean cock that she lusts after. While she’s not literally being cucked, she might as well be, poor girl. But anyone would hardly find someone working for google in NYC to be too pitiable, especially a single woman who seems to be enjoying all sorts of elements of high culture, like the metropolitan opera. Perhaps it’s the typical feminist cattiness, where they hate anyone more womanly than they are? I’ve noticed that most modern feminists seem to have a particular grudge against femininity. Perhaps a case of sour grapes? Either way, I just want to end this bit by saying that unlike most progs, Justine Tunney is an absolutely lovely woman of moral character and she is generous and kind in being a patron of quality work by talented writers and everyone should respect her.



  1. You know that BLG gets off on watching idiots like you spends days coming up with over the top rants about her.
    You spent more effort on her than she will ever spend on you


    • I shat this out in under two hours while totally hammered and simultaneously fucking around on twitter.

      If this really is part of her dissertation, then she’s spent infinitely more time talking shit about stupid people online than I will. Besides, she sees the right as a menace, I see the left as a joke.

      Liked by 1 person

    • All white knighting aside, Tunney has the feminine grace and elegance that modern women lack. I think their jealousy comes from the fact that they know that people don’t see them as women because they don’t act ladylike more than anything else. Modern fashion and cosmetic surgery make feigning gender easy. It’s the behavior that’s needed to complete the picture, and that’s what they stubbornly refuse to embrace.


  2. “Perhaps, if their sins are absolved, the great gods of critical theory will finally descend from the heavens and give them their new, unique gender identity!” was a relatively perfect sentence. It was nice.


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