By this point PZ Meyers being wrong is something everyone is used to. He’s one of the last surviving bastions of Atheism+, a group of atheists who felt the need to be even more of a bunch of insufferable shitlibs than your average atheist. The only real contribution Meyers makes in the debate on god’s existence is that he exists which more than likely means that there is no god, certainly not a benevolent one. PZ Meyers is the type to rabidly defend Rebecca Watson and believe her allegations that men prey on her, if not only because he most likely thinks of her whenever he masturbates. That actually means a lot, given how little his wife lets him out of his chastity cage. Meyers is a biology professor at the University of Minnesota Morris, which he thinks is important in some meaningful way. He’s known to be a very vocal denier of Human Biodiversity, most likely due to his fear that it’s not just his wife’s bulls Tyrone and Jamal, but all black men have bigger cocks than his. After all, how can he be with his precious waifu Skepchick-chan if she likes her cocks like she does her coffee: big, black, and given to you by a stranger you met in an elevator?

Myers’ insecurity goes beyond that, though- it also extends to professional jealousy as well! Yesterday on his blog at FTB, he took shots at Stephen Pinker, a psychology professor from fucking Harvard. Pinker earned the wrath of Meyers by sharing a video from Christina Hoff Sommers, a self-proclaimed feminist scholar. Of course, Sommers is not the right kind of feminist unlike the pure saint Anita Sarkeesian, who Myers has a similar post (could be either before or after, his blog’s layout is fucking unusable holy shit) praising for daring to survive people saying bad things about her on the internet. He says “Do these big name universities intentionally inculcate obtuseness, or do they select for neo-reactionary thinkers?” and “What is this? Is he hoping that the flaming bigots of #gamergate will anoint him as Based Harvard Prof?”

There’s a lot of gold in these two sentences. For starters, Meyers seems to think that Pinker is NRx, or Sommers, or both, perhaps being a part of the same vast #GamerGate/NRx conspiracy along with Justine Tunney. If that’s the case, then NRx has infiltrated Google and Harvard, and Myers will wind up in an oven by the end of the year (provided we find one big enough to fit him in). Either way, he’s full of shit- Despite his participation in the Norwegian documentary “Brainwash” and thoroughly disproving the “tabula rasa” idea that was a cornerstone of the enlightenment,  Pinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature” is a pretty clear argument in favor of modernity. Sommers is part of the American Enterprise Institute, which is pretty much a  conservakin think tank. Thus, there can only be one logical conclusion here: PZ Myers is fucking retarded. The fact that neoreactionary is actually just one word doesn’t really help his case either. So not only is he retarded, he’s also illiterate! After all, reading is for those filthy christians, what with their “holy” texts and all!

As an added bonus, that second sentence is just dripping with professional jealousy. Perhaps Myers is mad that Pinker and Sommers became popular and successful without feeling the need to desecrate major religious icons? Or is he instead upset that Sommers has found a loyal following in #GamerGate that has only helped her audience grow, rather than laughably shrink into insignificance like Myer’s cock undoubtedly has from years of cuckoldry? Perhaps he’s mad that both of the others get taken seriously outside of academia, whereas society laughs off Myers as a shameless instigator and agitator. Or maybe they put actual content on their sites, not two lines and a video! What about the fact that #GamerGate in six months has made more of an impact than Atheism+ ever did in its few weeks of relevance? There’s a lot of good reasons Myers might be jealous, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one!

By the way, PZ: if you’re gonna “signal boost” Peter Coffin’s obvious scam fundraiser might you consider asking him where he got “Ashleigh” from? A realdoll won’t lock your dick up in chastity and make you watch it take ten inches of ghetto dick up the ass, at least not unless you’re so mentally broken that you make it do that. You could even buy some fake teeth from a local costume store, glue them in her mouth, and pretend it’s Rebecca Watson! It would be hard to mimic her bitchy, annoying personality, but I’m sure you could play a recording of a goose squawking incessantly and it would be an acceptable substitute, perhaps even less irritating than the original!



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