First and foremost, I’m glad that you linked me directly. I always appreciate the traffic, even if it’s from people I don’t respect. And make no mistake, I don’t respect you. Why should I respect you? What worth or value do you have that I should respect you? What credentials do you have? What have you accomplished? Why should I think of you as my superior? You worked with presidential candidates? That’s great, they all lost.

Let me tell you why I don’t respect you. It mostly has to do with this little picture here:


This is TRD’s stats. As you can see, I was mostly inactive throughout July. When I decided to take a dump on your little buddy Erick Erickson, my traffic boomed. Of the hundreds of hits I got, my main source for traffic was and MyPostingCareer, where I shilled my work fairly hard. The next day, I get a lot of traffic from TRS and Reddit, where someone shared my work on /r/DarkEnlightenment. After that, there’s a bit of a drop-off, where I get linked by Xenosystems but that’s about it. It’s not until the 26th were traffic starts booming and I hit the thousands. That traffic comes from one Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart, who linked me on twitter. I respect Milo more than you, and I literally said that he takes black dick up his ass. Why? Because unlike you, Milo has actual power and influence. The fact that 3,000+ people visit my site when Milo links me as opposed to fifty or so when you do pretty much sums up who I should respect more.

But let’s look past that and get back into the whole “cuckservative” thing, shall we? You originally helped make things big when you signal-boosted your buddy Erick’s bitching and kvetching about the term. Now, you did it on the Daily Caller, which as far as right-wing sites go, isn’t bad, but not what I’d call A-list. It’s mostly a beltway conservative type, very much a staunch neocon GOP outlet. So it makes sense for you to decry the “cuckservative” meme there, since it’s part of the system under attack. Of course, since the neocons have such little online presence, you pretty much got raped in the comment section by TRS. Hell, I was part of the rape gang until you banned me. Sadly, you never did answer my question, and your moderator instead dismissed my points as “evil.”. He also insinuated that the attacks on my family are somehow my fault, really classy.

But this is what boggles my mind, and why quite frankly, I really can’t respect you in the slightest regardless of traffic. The main criticism of cuckservatives is that they try their hardest to appeal to liberals by saying “LOOK HOW OPEN-MINDED AND TOLERANT WE ARE, WE’RE NOT EVIL RACISTS, WE SWEAR!” Of course, liberals hate white, male Americans and want nothing more than to tear down this great nation that we built. And please, don’t try to pretend that blacks and women built America, I don’t see any reference to them in the Declaration of Independence, and the original Constitution draft has them as only 3/5ths of a person, which to be honest is fairly generous.

So when people call you out as a cuck who capitulates to liberals on every issue, your decision is to go running away to the Daily fucking Beast? Seriously? Right now, your article directly links to a piece by “Samantha” Allen, a tranny who got laughed out of writing for video games before #GamerGate was even a thing. The Daily Beast also loves to feature work by Arthur Chu, an obese asian nerd who talks about literally conditioning his mind to refuse empathizing or even humoring right-wing talking points. These are you you choose to make your company with. These are the people you want to write with.

Tell me, Mr. Lewis, what do you think about trannies? Do you think Bruce Jenner should be called Caitlyn and he deserves the award he got? Do you think that gays should be allowed to marry freely as well? Do you support small children learning about gays and trannies in grade school? Do you think a gay relationship is equal to a straight relationship? What about abortion, do you think it’s moral and good? The Daily Beast sure does. Tell me, who do you think poses more of a threat against Christian voters: a dedicated group of white supremacist trolls, many of who are also practicing Catholics, Baptists, and Orthodox Christians and would probably agree with evangelicals on a number of the above issues, or a site of secular, pro-sin, pro-sodomy, pro-Islam, pro-abortion leftists who want to see evangelical Christians effectively shut out from power?

You called the people pushing the cuckservative meme “evil”. But are we truly as evil as the anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-American liberals who make up the comment section of the Daily Beast? Read the comments, do you see a single person sympathetic to you or your cause? Is anyone going to suddenly start voting GOP because of your article on the Daily Beast? Of course not! They hate you. They hate you and everything you stand for. So tell me, who’s the greater evil here?

This is why Milo Yiannopoulos has a larger following than you. You see, Milo actually adopts a policy that’s popular among people like me: It’s called “no enemies to the right.” The root idea is that even if racists might not be nice people and you don’t like them, letting the racists into your camp and accepting their support is going to be a lot better for everyone than letting liberals take power and rape western civilization in even more depraved ways. Why do you think #GamerGate did more to hurt the liberal media than anything the GOP has ever done? Because #GamerGate didn’t waste time with a bunch of moral posturing when the media tried to bring up the strong WS/WN influence in the movement. We just said “Yeah, they’re here, we don’t necessarily agree with them but we really don’t give a fuck.” And guess what? #GamerGate has won, for all intents and purposes. Gawker is dying. Leigh Alexander’s career is in flames. Zoe Quinn’s name is now incredibly toxic for the gaming community. Anita Sarkeesian is even less relevant and welcome in gaming than she was before. We did more for conservatism and the right than you ever have.

To be honest, Matt, I don’t know what to do with you. I want to tell you that you should spend some time talking to these “evil white supremacists” in good faith and listen to their arguments. But it seems like you already did that. You looked at TheRightStuff’s post, with all of the data and information, and simply discarded it and ignored it and set out on your way. Maybe you could talk to a Christian who’s anti-cuckservative, like Vox Day. I know a guy on reddit, a rather staunch Orthodox who’d also love to engage with you. Hell, if you want to chat with me for whatever reason, I could probably arrange something formal with TRS, also hook you up with someone from there instead. Or if you want, you can come find me and my crew in the MyPostingCareer chat. I doubt you’ll really have a good-faith discussion there, but you’ll be a lot more free to use all the dirty words you want to describe us.

But the best I can tell you is to fucking show some real courage. You don’t have to embrace us. But stop pandering to liberals. Don’t write for their sites, don’t vigorously attack anyone to your right, stop throwing a temper tantrum because Donald Trump is more popular than your chosen boy and instead maybe learn from it. Get your fucking shit together. Do you want a democrat in the white house or not?

And on a final note, I’m signing this with my real name. Not out of trust, because I fully expect some Daily Beast clown to look me up and try to start some shit (good luck with that, I’m pretty hard to dox) but instead out of spite. I want you to know that you’re so beneath me that I don’t even need to bother with aliases or security measures. You’re not a threat to me. You’re too broken and cucked to try something. I can call you a spineless, gutless faggot all I want and you won’t retaliate. That’s why we’re going to win this. The public is looking at people like me running roughshod over people like you and are seeing that we’re stronger and more willing to fight for our America than you are. No one wants some fat faggot with a tiny chola wife giving an interview in Spanish. They want a strong, masculine man who actually turns things around and puts the reporters on full blast. So bend over and get ready, because unless you want to sack up, things are going to get worse for you.


Dante Christopher D’Andrea.



    • Forgot to include the link to their first story after hiring the SJW power team: dont’ be fooled by the first few sentences, the rest of the article is just repeating the gospel that old school gamers and games are dead.


    • Yeah, and her going to Vice shows that Offworld is pretty much doomed to be unmarketable. She’s just going to be a net drain on an already unprofitable company. Hardly a devastating blow.


  1. “and please, don’t try to pretend that blacks and women built America, I don’t see any reference to them in the Declaration of Independence, and the original Constitution draft has them as only 3/5ths of a person, which to be honest is fairly generous.

    Don’t understand why you demean the woman(white) in your article. You can’t have a nation without women. If you do not regard women as people, then what do you consider children. Other than that, I would agree with most you said.


    • People seem to get the idea of who built America all wrong. I’m not talking about the people who followed orders and did what they were told. As valuable as proles are, they’re still cogs in the machine. Obviously I respect that women birthed American children. But that doesn’t make a nation. What I’m talking about are the founders and organizers who helped design and plan out our government. Obviously builders are important, but a building is credited to the architect for a reason.


    • youre right and i dont he meant it that way i bet a lot of the far right is actually a lot more dare i say progressive in our treatment of real women than our rhetoric,its reaction to the marxist use of minority groups as weapons, Talk like that is about feminist not women, specifically i think he was refuting this meme that euopean men didnt pretty much invent the entire modern world, theres a lot more propaganda in the stuff we were taught in school than one might realize. But youre we couldn’t do it without you not just as mothers wives daughter sisters but as companions and advisers. i dont think i would support womens suffrage in the next life but I would and do ask womens opinion its a different perceptive its often tempers even deepens my first reaction.


  2. This was great and thanks for writing it. Cuckservatives deserve every ounce of opprobrium they get. See you on MPC, hatebro.


  3. A well-deserved takedown. His running to the Daily Beast is so indicative of everything this hashtag criticizes, he has essentially run to the people he knows pull the leash of the Conservative movement, namely the Leftist press. “What are we gonna do about these wascally witists! please help us!”

    To the Black Hole of Calcutta with all of them!


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