As far as cuckservatives go, Rick Wilson has been a bonafide cuck since the moment the hashtag got off the ground. I mean how impotently angry do you have to be to start demanding Breitbart fire their editors just because they were mean to you on twitter? One look at Little-Dick-Rick and the idea that balding comes from excess testosterone goes right out the window. Rick has made no effort to hide his desperation- he knows that if the Trumpenkreig succeeds, then everything he’s built for himself as a “strategist” and “consultant” goes out the window, as suddenly an entire paradigm pushes him out of existence.

It’s no surprise then, that with the next round of Republican debates coming up in less than three hours, Wilson is on Politico, desperately pleading with GOP candidates to stop Trump. Now, normally TRD gives a snarky writeup of these sorts of shitty pieces, but we’ve taken it upon ourselves to riff on his whole shitty case for attacking Trump. It’s almost debate time, TRD staff has prepping to do that doesn’t involve bulls, as foreign as Wilson might find that. Anyway, let’s get down to business:

1. Of course you have to attack him. One of the dumb, but cherished tropes of this campaign, especially after Rick Perry’s exit from the race, is that to attack Donald Trump invites instant decline and doom in the polls. While correlation and causation are the kind of low-class, stupid arguments only people who didn’t go to Wharton make, Trump and his enablers certainly encourage this among his credulous followers (and more than a few conventional wisdom-loving process-story journalists) who believe any attack on the godhead is doomed to rebound.

Unfortunately, Rick fails to notice that in this case, there IS a clear causation: attacking Trump usually means exposing a candidate as a cucked Diet Pepsi version of a Democrat. And not in terms of fiscal policy, either. Why would republican voters respect someone who wants to flood the country with even more wetbacks and thinks there’s nothing wrong with that?

With the scenery-chewing, oxygen-sucking political black hole that is Donald Trump, I have one question for the “don’t attack” camp; how’s that working out for you?

Given how Ted Cruz and Ben Carson and all the others who aren’t attacking are doing fairly well compared to Perry, Jindal, Graham and especially Jeb!, it’s actually working out fine.

Inaction lets the media dynamic continue; “But he’s interesting! But he says crazy stuff! But he calls our shows! Oh, your tax plan is boring…let’s talk about Trump’s camo hat!” Trump’s commands attention. His position in the polls is directly correlated to the amount of attention (the insane, overwhelming, wall-to-wall) he receives and unless the attacks are persistent and ongoing, he’ll keep the hungry cameras on him.

So… Maybe find a way to bring the cameras on yourself? How hard is it to be genuinely interesting, engaging, and charismatic? Trump brings ratings to the media. If you don’t bring them ratings, why would they give you air time instead of Trump?

2. Better late than never. I was wrong when I predicted your campaigns would go at him sooner, more aggressively, and with more determination. I underestimated your combination of passivity, consultant inertia, and insane hubris. You underestimated how the Trump-Rube-Media symbiosis would ensure his continued presence in the game.

So Rick acknowledges that  most of the GOP candidates (who he calls “some of best and most qualified candidates in the last twenty-five years”) are a bunch of spineless, gutless pussies? Perhaps, they might even be compared to someone, who, say, lets his wife take dindu donkey dong up the doody-hole? Hmm…

I know you’re waking up, slowly. With the exception of you, Ted Cruz, who appears to be playing the role of political pilot fish to Trump’s Great White (the classiest of sharks; really, really, tremendous predator), most candidates have run a few hit-it-and-quit-it attacks, then fallen victim to the showman’s juvenile put-down machine more suited to an 8th grade locker room than a presidential candidate.

Two things here: One, calling Trump the “Great White” is amazing. Two, it’s pretty common knowledge in leftist circles that the average public has an 8th grade level of comprehension anyway when it comes to politics, with 6th for the hispanics and maybe 2nd grade at best for the blacks.

It’s clear now why many of you didn’t attack with persistence. You’re used to an oppo drop, an ad and then standing back. You just couldn’t process that the American people could be this fooled, for this long by such an obvious con. You tuned up to beat Hillary—and maybe Jeb along the way. But we go to war against the disruptive, postmodern, blowhard candidate we have, not the one we want. Get on it.

“Hey, ignore the scandal-proof elderly bulldyke and the commie jew fuck marching towards the White House, focus on the evil white man who is galvanizing populist support among white Americans!”

Are we entirely SURE Wilson is a gentile?

3. Go after his money and his business record. Attack where he is perceived to be strongest. Here’s what the media knows and has largely let slide; Donald Trump is not worth $10 billion.He’s not worth $5 billion. It’s fundamental to his brand image, his own (monstrous) ego needs, and the Trumpentariat’s love of him as the rich dude on the horse, unable to be corrupted by Washington’s venal blandishments.

Does it matter how much money he has? Clearly it’s more than enough to fund an entire presidential campaign.

On stage—tonight and in future debates—remind him he got his money the really old-fashioned way: from Daddy. Remind him that, for all his smack-talk about the Chinese, when he did business with them in the 1990s they beat him like a government mule and left him with almost nothing from the deal.

Someone remind Wilson that no one gives a flying fuck about China, the problem is with Mexico. Contrary to what Jeb says, no one is worried about chinese people becoming a supermajority and voting for more and more gibsmedat.

How have you guys never once asked him about his ties to the mob? I know, right? A guy in the casino business in Atlantic City in the 1980s and 1990s and with big Manhattan construction projects, pre-Giuliani? Go read Wayne Barrett or Tim O’Brien’s books, or at least have your oppo guys do it.

Yes, go ahead and start some shit with the mob, because that totally worked out great for the Kennedys…

He fumbled the bankruptcy question the first time. That’s a hint for you. Come on…his companies filed bankruptcy twice for his casinos. Casinos, which are scientifically designed to take voters in his core demo and part them from their money, and this guy can’t make the payments? This line of attack should a slow pitch over the plate for any of you candidates.

I wonder if Rick Wilson knows that running casinos requires more than just red skin, crippling alcoholism, and a perpetual chip on your shoulder about how whitey kicked your ass hundreds of years ago.

If you, your strategists or your oppo people can’t understand the value of calling his B.S. on his money and making him break the celebrity character he plays on TV, please leave the race now.

How about just leave the race now in general? Makes stuff easier for Trump.

4. Laugh off his attacks. Stupid tropes like “low-energy” and “loser” and “you asked me for a donation” tell you this is a grown-up schoolyard bully and putdown artist. As Adam Gopnik’s piece this week illustrated, Trump’s colossal ego is at once his armor and also a dead weight around his neck. Bullies hate ridicule as much than they hate someone who punches back. Carly Fiorina showed the way this week with a perfectly tuned rejoinder to Trump’s attacks on her appearance.

Again, two things: First, Rick is expecting a stage of hardcore narcissists and megalomaniacs to laugh off insults. Second, evidently no one has told him that Carly Fiorina was invited to the debate as an extended practical joke.

Tell me you wouldn’t pay money to hear someone say, “Donald, that’s really all I expect of you. This is a country in serious trouble and in desperate need of serious leadership, and all you’ve got it put downs about Carly’s looks or my energy level? Why don’t you go sit in the corner while the grownups talk?”

TRD staff would gladly pay to watch someone try. The stuttering and shaking would be hilarious. The GOP candidates so far are entirely spineless, freaking out when their precious worldview is shattered.

Don’t be afraid to throw your head back in laughter to the point where you get asked why, and reply, “This guy? President? You’re f-ing kidding me, right?” You want a headline from the debate? There you go.


5. You can’t shame him, so mock him. Trump’s narcissism renders him immune to shame for his lies, flip-flops, pandering, inconsistencies, elisions and general lack of substance. Enabled by 40 years of being carried in the sedan chair, praised along the way by an army of toadies and jocksniffers who would make the average courtier to Louis XIV blush, he’s accustomed to his minions telling him that his farts smell of daffodils and spring rain. Insult his vanity, not his record.

And Jeb is used to his minions telling him that his wife doesn’t look like a tranny oompa-loompa, Fiorina is used to her minions telling her that she’s a successful tech CEO, and Lindsay Graham is used to his staffers/rentboys telling him that no, this doesn’t make him gay at all as long as they’re wearing a dress.

He cannot be shamed on policy, partly because he doesn’t remember what he said from one day to the next. He lives in the immediate moment, with no brakes on his internal monologue, no retrospection and no future accountability for his words. Don’t try. He won’t process it, and his supporters are locked in the Trump Reality Distortion Field.

So wait, Jeb Bush gives a speech entirely in Spanish and TRUMP is the one who doesn’t know any shame?

6. Don’t indulge his filibustering, lying and showmanship. Don’t be afraid to have an “I paid for this microphone” moment with him. Again, like any bully, he’s great when he’s on offense and he’s great when it looks like you’ll let him stand there and kick your ass up and down the stage. Somewhere between 50 percent and 400 percent of the words that come out of his pie hole are lies, exaggerations, fantasies or mis-remembered quotes from emails with “FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD:” in the header. Interrupt him. Work the refs. Correct his lies.

Was Rick Wilson “that kid” in high school who interrupted everyone with an “um, actually…” with some bullshit spergy correction? Does he not realize this inevitably ends with “that kid” alone at home alone on prom night sobbing into a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla he stole from his parents?

7.This is now reality television, not Lincoln-Douglas. Sure, you want to be president, not an entertainer, and with Jake Tapper and Hugh Hewitt it on the panel, you’ll get points for being a smart, knowledgeable and grounded in the issues. But if the Summer of Trump taught you nothing, realize that this year’s electoral Coliseum is filled with a rabid horde, screaming for amusement and blood. Be in the debate you’re actually in, not the one in your head.

Dropping the jokes for a moment, it’s absolutely astounding how Trump has managed to force the rest of the field to play by his rules and operate within his framework if they want to beat him. He’s already won, simply by nature of having forced them into his world.

Come to the stage with some confidence, some swagger and some belief in the fight, but remember: It’s a mistake to simply fall back on your own talking points or your own stump speech. Be serious, but realistic about the media circus. Don’t expect that your policy proposals in this debate will get a lick of coverage. Don’t come in hoping to educate voters on your tax plan, your labor relations plan, your defense strategy or anything substantive. Neither the voters nor the media care. A huge fraction of the press is solely interested in the process story of the Trump Show.

Replace “Trump” with “Obama” and this would have been great advice EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO WHEN IT WAS NEEDED YOU DUMB SACK OF SHIT.

8. Think hard about how much you suck up to Donald Trump in this debate. I’m looking straight at you Ted Cruz, indulging Trump and praising him. That’s just feeding the alligator and hoping you’ll get eaten last. Bubbles collapse, be they tulips, 1990s dot-com stocks, late 2000s real estate investment derivatives or billionaire loudmouth jackholes. When the Trump fall comes, the vortex is going to suck in his enablers and sycophants. And you know that purge the Trump Army is dreaming of with their #cuckservative #NRORevolt #RINO #WAR? Yeah, we make lists, too.

A message from our editor: Come get some, faggot.

9. Stop worrying about the edge cases of the Trump demo. Are you worried about alienating the Trump demo? Want to be their new hero when he implodes? Well, stop. You will never be Trump. You will never light up those dark corners in their limbic system with the fear and loathing of The Other he inspires. They are worshiping Donald Trump like a cult leader, not a political leader. You can’t bring them home until he is destroyed. You won’t win them over by moral suasion, policy, politics, arguments about electability or ideology.

Keep in mind that the “Trump Demo” is working/middle-class whites. This is what a “GOP Strategist” thinks about white people. Feel free to either laugh, cry, or maybe ALLAHU ACKBAR your local chamber of commerce (just kidding, don’t do that last one).

10. Don’t try to outbid Trump’s version of crazy. You can’t out-crazy him on anything. Nothing you do will be as fabulous, as world-class, as elite, and as terrific as Trump’s fantasies. He can always up the ante. If you want to build a 60-foot wall he’ll want to build a 90-foot wall. If you say you’ll deport 11 million people too, he’ll go up to 30 million. If you say you want to eliminate the 14th Amendment birthright citizens protections, he’ll want to undo it retroactively back through generations. If you say you want to arrest illegal alien criminals and deport them, he’ll propose armies of robot wolves to hunt them on pay-per-view. You can’t outbid him on this, and if I have to tell you why you shouldn’t try you should not be in this race.

“DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ADMIT THAT TRUMP HAS A POINT, DO NOT GIVE HIS IDEAS OR OPINIONS LEGITIMACY, DO NOT TALK ABOUT DOING ANYTHING BAD TO THE ILLEGALS EVER.” Ovens and Helicopter Rides are too nice for Wilson’s crew at this point, these people need to be made into fucking lampshades and soap.

11. Your targets aren’t his targets. You can keep making the case to the rest of the GOP electorate that he’s not a conservative. Remember, you’re not selling his voters; you’re selling Republican conservatives. Part of Trumpisma is convincing his supporters to embrace his frankly statist and redistributionist policies with the fervor of the converted. You’re not preaching to them. Target the still-large fraction of the GOP who oppose Trump and are higher-propensity voters. Target women, who are less susceptible to the Trump Spell. You’ll need them soon enough.

This final quote highlights the insanity of Wilson’s rambles. For years, the GOP has been pushing “outreach” and emphasized on converting others into conservatism. Now Trump is doing just that, reclaiming alienated whites and even blacks, getting them on board the GOP train. Wilson calls Trump’s plans “statist” and “redistributionist” but sees no harm with importing hordes of third-world garbage who will vote for even more extreme versions of just that.

In conclusion, Rick Wilson is a cuck. Perhaps one of the top cucks. He rants and raves and rambles like an idiot, unaware of what’s going on around him. He is either oblivious to the slow destruction of his country and his people, or even worse, complicit in it. Either way, if America is to succeed, it will have to be in spite of Rick Wilson’s efforts, not due to them.


Oh, and in totally unrelated news Mike Anissimov had another meltdown but that’s REALLY not worth the effort covering at this point.



    • At this point he’s lashing out for attention to combat his own personal insecurities. I have some standards, I’m not going to enable his shitty behavior for my own personal gain.


  1. I sent Mr. Wilson a delightful email just to mess with him, trying to trip all of his trigger warnings and set alarm bells off. It seems to have worked, since his fans are now speculating on Twitter that I’m a left wing troll. You can’t make this shit up. Making people like Wilson piss themselves is honestly a guilty pleasure.

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