It’s hard to find a larger source of insufferable shitlib retardation than DailyKos. This blogging platform, arguably the ur-tumblr, hosts such wonderful blogs like “The Halfrican Fortress of Negritude” which sounds like a thread title on MPC. It also hosts Shawn King, the second public transracial activist known to western civilization, and Margaret Pless, internet tough girl who desperately wishes hotwheels would recognize her as his greatest enemy. So in conclusion, you could arguably oven every single person who uses the site and the world would be a much better place.

But recently, an interesting pattern has occurred. For whatever reasons, leftists are picking up on what’s going on with Trump much, MUCH better than “conservatives”. Perhaps they think that suddenly their years of paranoid fever dreams are finally coming true and Americans are starting to realize that the giant spiked horse dildo being rammed up their butt is not exactly in their best interest.  One can assume that while they get what Trump is doing and what he’s pushing, they expect a Trump presidency to end with San Francisco’s Castro District being firebombed and a brigade of angry redheads storming Manhattan screaming “DIE FAGGOTS DIE”. (Ed.- I will be perfectly happy to lead this brigade if Chuck C. Johnson pussies out.) To them, Trumpenkreig is not just an edgy joke, but the frightening possibility that when Trump is sworn in, it will be on a copy of Mein Kampf by newly-appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice David Duke, with an inaugural address that ends with weev returning to our country with an army of killbots that will use 23 And Me data to wipe out the Jews once and for all.

And that brings us to one DailyKos post by the prestigious writer known as “Mr. Anon”. One can only assume by his username that this is a brave man who wears his guy fawkes mask to really take the fight to the oppressive oligarchy, and restore the power to the people! Clearly he’s not anon because of people discovering that he’s actually a well-off SWPL and not worth listening to, but out of the need to protect himself from evil corporate assassins! But regardless, Mr Anon gives us this little blog piece: “Donald Trump and Neoreaction: Why what he represents must be buried permanently.” To his credit, Mr. Anon recognizes that neoreaction is one word, which right off the bat makes him smarter than PZ Meyers. He also doesn’t mince words and makes it clear that Trump must not just be stopped, but measures must be taken to prevent another Trump. He’s dropped all pretense and has gone into “SHUT IT DOWN” mode.

The article begins by stating that Trump’s candidacy “is ultimately destructive for the American body politic and the political spectrum” and how he represents “an ideology that should be considered the antithesis to modern progressive ideas.” First off, if that idea doesn’t get you rock hard, you’re probably reading the wrong blog. You would probably have a better time of things over at NRO, maybe see if Kevin D. Williamson will invite you to one of his standard fuckparties.

The article goes on to insinuate that Trump is a not a “”nationalist economic populist” as some would call him, but in fact a bonafide neoreactionary. Of course, this is where the more informed NRx types can apply some heavy skepticisim to the writer’s claims. The idea that Donald Trump of all people sat down and read Unqualified Reservations (beyond the Formalist Manifesto) and decided that he’d still run for president is laughable. I could see him maybe reading the first few paragraphs of the Gentle Introduction before getting bored. How Dawkins got Pwned wouldn’t even stand a chance. Trump is a high-energy guy, and let’s face it- outside of perhaps Duck The Almighty, neoreaction is a fairly low-energy, cerebral movement.

Of course, Mr. Anon contradicts himself by saying that no, Trump isn’t actually a real neoreactionary. He then proceeds to contradict his contradiction (Ed.- Is this the fabled LAWGIC TRAP I keep hearing about?) by stating that Trump clearly is a neoreactionary because other neoreactionaries like him. His evidence for this lies in the fact that Trump has been endorsed by an “‘intellectual leader’ in the neoreactionary movement. Supposedly that “intellectual leader” is none other than one Michael Anissimov. Perhaps Mr. Anon is out of the loop, but it’s inexcusable to believe that Anissimov is the intellectual leader of anything other than the metaphysics of hardcore bareback mexican tranny-dom fisting. Perhaps sounding like a valley girl who inhaled one whole tank of helium through the mouth and another in the ass might pass as intellectual among the left, but we on the right have stricter standards- for us you need to either sound like a habitual chainsmoker or a muppet.

Likewise, Mr. Anon commits one of the most grave sins: He assumes PUA/Redpill philosophy is a part of NRx. It’s not clear how one can assume sexual hedonism would fly in a movement built on historic social mores, but liberals seem to love to associate the two anyway. It’s a commonly accepted fact that entry into NRx requires eventually abandoning the debauched and degenerate pursuit of normie 3DPD and taking the more passive option of finding a pure 2D waifu. Waifuism is among the pillars of revolting against the modern world, and indeed riding the catgirl is just as important as riding the tiger.

Mr. Anon concludes his article with the most laughable portion, telling the left to double-down on Obama-ism in order to defeat Trump: “If Trump says something that sounds cool on healthcare, we must make sure our candidates respond by pushing to improve and expand the ACA.” This is the progressive strategy in 2016: militantly defending the status quo.

And in that sense, neoreaction is winning. Suddenly, the overton window has shifted, as the left is now the one standing atop history yelling “PLEASE DON’T THROW ME OUT OF A HELICOPTER”. They’ve gone from pushing the dildo farther up our butts to instead desperately trying to keep it from being pulled out. Trump’s immigration policy is literally reactionary- rather than stop progress, it seeks to actively undo it. True, Trump may be a bit liberal and progressive on other ends, but it is impossible for NRx to deny that even the dumbest of proles is flocking to an elite, upper-class strongman who can un-fuck America. Trump has proven that putting the church of Dildolech on full blast is now a profitable, successful strategy for campaigning.

Will Trump help usher in the Silicon Reich and help the editor’s dream of shoving (((Barbara Spectre))) into an oven come true? Only time will tell. Will Mr. Anon’s posts still be faggy regardless of insight? Most certainly.



So I’ll come right out and say it- TheRightDrama is officially endorsing Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidental Elections. While the previous stance on elections has been the NRx position of “voting is for fags”, the editorial board of TRD has looked at Trump’s statements and adequately determined that he is enough of a shitlord bigot douchemaster whose election would trigger enough faggy liberals and even more faggy cuckservatives.

In fact, speaking of cuckservatives, it seems that they’re finally waking up to the fact that their own base is sick and tired of them. More recently, they’ve finally picked up on what a cuckservative is. It started with a piece by Radix, whose very existence triggers the shit out the mainstream right. Radix’s Alfred W. Clark did an excellent writeup on it, (he missed the part where it was invented by a bunch of gay racist bodybuilders and cob building enthusiasts, but nobody’s perfect) and D-list cuckservative Erick Erickson, who in any sane world would be barred from writing for any respectable outlet until he changed his stupid fucking name, discovered the piece and proceeded to get hella butthurt about it.

Now, this isn’t the first time a “conservative” has been put in the hot-seat by alt-right twitter. Notorious Brietbart Bottom-Boy Milo Yanniapolous (fuck your greek name, I’ll spell it right when they fix their economy) was called out by Duck himself, along with the marginally less obviously homosexual Mike Cernovich. When called out for their rejection of ideas to the right of them, both simply politely stated that the ideas weren’t for them and didn’t bother with any moral signaling or soapboxing. That’s why, despite literally taking black dicks up his ass, Milo is not a cuckservative. Likewise, despite putting his dick up Thai ladyboy ass, Mike Cernovich is also not a cuckservative (and is even putting the cuckservatives on full blast right now!). Normally the less vitriolic “Conservakin” will do just fine here.

But E.E. Cum-In-My-Ass, didn’t do any of that. His response? “Remember, if you hear the term ‘cuckservative,’ it is a slur against Christian voters coined by white-supremacists.” It’s almost like there’s a happy merchant with his hand right up ErickSon-Isn’t-Mine’s ass. Throw in a few “Oy vey, Goyim!”s and it would sound like a /pol/ hoax. Where do you even begin with this retarded shit? My personal favorite is the idea that it’s a slur against Christian voters. Because let’s be honest, if keeping a government run by the people whose ancestors KILLED CHRIST HIMSELF is “Christian” then fuck it, maybe Varg was wrong about the church burnings being unproductive. Apparently, opening the borders to a bunch of drug dealers and rapists is also the Christian thing to do. Because you know, a homicidal death cult/drug cartel is perfectly welcome if they use just enough Catholic iconography!

But the real thing that cements the Erick-hai Chieftain as a bon-a-fide, true-blue, wife-takes-dindu-donkey-dong-in-the-doodyhole Cuckservative is how he uses “white supremacist” as an epithet. Regardless of your issues with WS methodology and ideas, to demonize them is just stupid. And as much as TRD has shat on Genophilia and friends, that little band of retards is much more useful and worthwhile than any backstabbing racially-blind ignoramus. Liberals do not throw people to the left of them under the bus. Bernie Sanders is an openly socialist Jew who still somehow thinks that #BlackLivesMatter (protip: they don’t) and Hillary Clinton isn’t trying to run him out of town for being too radical. In fact, her response is to go even further to the left. Meanwhile when THE DONALD talks about actually enforcing immigration law and boarding up the border, “conservatives” immediately lose their mind. When people on the alt-right talk about conservatives being cucked, it’s because they’re so mentally and emotionally enslaved to Martin Luther King Jr.’s communism and Abraham Lincoln’s progressivism that they can’t actually develop principles and real standards. They’re letting liberals just viciously gang-rape conservatism right on top of the pinball table, then wondering why no one respects them and they can barely win elections.

No real conservative can honestly say with pride that his First Lady is a 4’7″ chola named “Columbia”. Liberals may be shameless enough to have no problem with a tranny gorilla representing the country abroad, but Conservatives are supposed to be the party of actual standards and morals. But instead, with the cuckservatives leading the charge, they take it because fuck, what else are they supposed to do? Endorse a scary racist? God forbid one of them take office, they might actually have a set of moral values that they try to keep America committed to! And we all know that’s not what conservatism is really about- it’s about tax breaks on all the rich businessmen who donate and throwing tons of money at Israel, maybe bombing a few brown people if they’re scared of being shoah’d. Morality? Decency? Nah, better to let open sodomites into our party so we can show that Democrats are the REAL bigots!

So yeah, fuck the cuckservatives. Trump 2016.



In what drama experts are calling “totally unprecedented” Mike Anissimov’s impotent ragestorm has entered it’s third day of incessant internet insanity. Having thorougly made an ass out of himself going after SOBL1, Anissimov has since turned his sights to new targets. The first target is Julie Borowski, a Polish-American girl who makes political youtube videos. Mike, in a fit of hysteria, considered her to be his pure white waifu. He proceeded to spam her twitter with marraige proposals, dating requests, death threats to her current boyfriend, and a desire to cuddle up and play Sonic 3 with her.

There are a number of things that can be deduced from this. First off, Borowski is an active libertarian. So we can clearly guess that Anissimov isn’t quite the traditionalist that he says he is. Second, and more importantly, Mike explicitly said Sonic 3. In the day and age of emulation or eBay, there really is no reason to be playing Sonic 3 when the superior Sonic 3 and Knuckles is easily available. So we now know for a fact that since Mike thinks Sonic 3 is better than S3&K, he does not actually have autism. Thus, if Mike doesn’t have autism, we must instead conclude that instead he’s just a fucking idiot.

Mike’s rage didn’t stop there, however. Noted twitter thirst-trap “Tipsycaek” reached out to Mike, offering to stroke his golden locks of hair. Anissimov, however, rejected her, and later dismissed her as a common whore. TRD officials researched this Tipsycaek character and were disappointed to discover that she does not in fact possess a penis. However, this revelation combined with her whiteness (natural blond hair and blue eyes!) very much shows that she’s not Mike’s kind of girl. Until Bad Dragon makes strap-on products, we can most likely confirm that there will not be any chemistry between the two.

Of course, Tipsycaek’s friend, twitter user and noted AC repairman/quality NRx poster “KawaiiKraken” happened to comment that Mike looks like the bassist for a 90’s alt-rock band. Clearly, this was an insult of the highest degree- Mike obviously fashions himself as a lead singer, or at least a guitarist. (Editor’s note- if evidence can be found of Anissimov being in a band, I’m sure Chuck C. Johnson will pay for a demo or mixtape or whatever.) Incensed beyond relief, Mikey went on the warpath, making several graphic threats to murder KawaiiKraken for the crime of insulting his honor. The sheer nonsensical verbosity of the threats informs us that Mike has most likely never been in a fight in his entire life, much less one where he had to kill a man.

As Mike’s rage burned bright, our Holy Duck Overlord stepped in, pointing out that Mike was acting like an absolute lunatic and took some potshots at his shattered sanity. Mike’s response was to claim that he was the leader of NRx and could easily drive Duck off of twitter. At this point it would be pertient to remind everyone that Duck is the spiritual leader of Neoreaction, with Nick B. Steves as our current regent. Anissimov has been formally decried and excommunicated from Neoreaction for being a huge cunt that nobody likes. TRD experts are not sure what he’s smoking to think that he somehow has the power to end someone’s twitter career. TRD experts are also quite interested in how many mexican dicks he had to suck to get so many doses.

Of course, as all of this drama went on, it wasn’t long before the Grand High Dragon Wizard of Drama, Andrew “weev” Aurenheimer. Never one to pass on someone whose power level wasn’t at least 1488, weev took to storify (a remarkably pozzed medium, all things considered) to slap Anissimov across the face with his big white hyperborean cock in a display of masculine superiority that Justine Tunney and most of /aristoi/ will undoubtedly be furiously masturbating to later tonight. To rub salt in the wound, weev proceeded to post Mike’s address and phone number on the MPC shoutbox and 8chan’s /cow/. Using seven proxies, TRD researchers had found that this information had also spread to /baphomet/. While this may lead people to believe that Anissimov would be swatted, his current twitter posts leave plenty of reason to call the police. Using Anissimov’s dox, a crack team of google users quickly discovered a photograph of his humble abode. The house would be described by real estate experts as a “fucking dump”.

When asked via ask.fm about the doxing, former Neoreactionary and noted weaboo AntiDem questioned weev’s right-wing credentials. TRD staff has hired a crack team of #GamerGate private eyes who have confirmed that yes, Anissimov and AntiDem are good friends IRL. Also of note is twitter user “TheBechtloff” reaching out to Anissimov and encouraging him to apologize. Anissimov’s response amounted to dismissal. Bechtloff is an associate of Davis Aurini and a writer for “Reaxxion”, a #GamerGate cash-in site run by notorious pseudo-reactionary Roosh Vashamalayanstein. TRD’s mental health experts have determined that Mike rejecting Bechtloff’s helping hand is a sign that he still possesses SOME mental faculties, such as self-respect. Roosh himself has also commented on the meltdown, but reporters are still scouring the globe looking for anyone of note who gives a fuck what Roosh thinks.

Anissimov has yet to be directly reached for comment, due to blocking TRD officials on twitter, and Pleasureman failing to properly take them out of chaperone mode on MPC before Anissimov could leave the shoutbox. His last known comment there consisted of him saying he’d be going to get a shower, not responding to allegations that it was of the golden variety.


By this point PZ Meyers being wrong is something everyone is used to. He’s one of the last surviving bastions of Atheism+, a group of atheists who felt the need to be even more of a bunch of insufferable shitlibs than your average atheist. The only real contribution Meyers makes in the debate on god’s existence is that he exists which more than likely means that there is no god, certainly not a benevolent one. PZ Meyers is the type to rabidly defend Rebecca Watson and believe her allegations that men prey on her, if not only because he most likely thinks of her whenever he masturbates. That actually means a lot, given how little his wife lets him out of his chastity cage. Meyers is a biology professor at the University of Minnesota Morris, which he thinks is important in some meaningful way. He’s known to be a very vocal denier of Human Biodiversity, most likely due to his fear that it’s not just his wife’s bulls Tyrone and Jamal, but all black men have bigger cocks than his. After all, how can he be with his precious waifu Skepchick-chan if she likes her cocks like she does her coffee: big, black, and given to you by a stranger you met in an elevator?

Myers’ insecurity goes beyond that, though- it also extends to professional jealousy as well! Yesterday on his blog at FTB, he took shots at Stephen Pinker, a psychology professor from fucking Harvard. Pinker earned the wrath of Meyers by sharing a video from Christina Hoff Sommers, a self-proclaimed feminist scholar. Of course, Sommers is not the right kind of feminist unlike the pure saint Anita Sarkeesian, who Myers has a similar post (could be either before or after, his blog’s layout is fucking unusable holy shit) praising for daring to survive people saying bad things about her on the internet. He says “Do these big name universities intentionally inculcate obtuseness, or do they select for neo-reactionary thinkers?” and “What is this? Is he hoping that the flaming bigots of #gamergate will anoint him as Based Harvard Prof?”

There’s a lot of gold in these two sentences. For starters, Meyers seems to think that Pinker is NRx, or Sommers, or both, perhaps being a part of the same vast #GamerGate/NRx conspiracy along with Justine Tunney. If that’s the case, then NRx has infiltrated Google and Harvard, and Myers will wind up in an oven by the end of the year (provided we find one big enough to fit him in). Either way, he’s full of shit- Despite his participation in the Norwegian documentary “Brainwash” and thoroughly disproving the “tabula rasa” idea that was a cornerstone of the enlightenment,  Pinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature” is a pretty clear argument in favor of modernity. Sommers is part of the American Enterprise Institute, which is pretty much a  conservakin think tank. Thus, there can only be one logical conclusion here: PZ Myers is fucking retarded. The fact that neoreactionary is actually just one word doesn’t really help his case either. So not only is he retarded, he’s also illiterate! After all, reading is for those filthy christians, what with their “holy” texts and all!

As an added bonus, that second sentence is just dripping with professional jealousy. Perhaps Myers is mad that Pinker and Sommers became popular and successful without feeling the need to desecrate major religious icons? Or is he instead upset that Sommers has found a loyal following in #GamerGate that has only helped her audience grow, rather than laughably shrink into insignificance like Myer’s cock undoubtedly has from years of cuckoldry? Perhaps he’s mad that both of the others get taken seriously outside of academia, whereas society laughs off Myers as a shameless instigator and agitator. Or maybe they put actual content on their sites, not two lines and a video! What about the fact that #GamerGate in six months has made more of an impact than Atheism+ ever did in its few weeks of relevance? There’s a lot of good reasons Myers might be jealous, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one!

By the way, PZ: if you’re gonna “signal boost” Peter Coffin’s obvious scam fundraiser might you consider asking him where he got “Ashleigh” from? A realdoll won’t lock your dick up in chastity and make you watch it take ten inches of ghetto dick up the ass, at least not unless you’re so mentally broken that you make it do that. You could even buy some fake teeth from a local costume store, glue them in her mouth, and pretend it’s Rebecca Watson! It would be hard to mimic her bitchy, annoying personality, but I’m sure you could play a recording of a goose squawking incessantly and it would be an acceptable substitute, perhaps even less irritating than the original!


So evidently this blogger called “Bootleg Girl” exists. The name is quite fitting, at least the “bootleg” part. When you feel the need to remind everyone in pretty much every single post how much of a woman you are, you basically degrade into being a rough facsimile of a woman. She even has a spider and cobwebs in her avatar, probably representative of her dry, lonely, cavernous vagina that no respectable man would enter and even the thirstiest of white knights would think twice before plunging into. (UPDATE: Last night Bootleg Girl told me that she had a penis. This explains why Mike “No Homo” Anissimov is still obsessing over her) Perhaps the reason she’s such a lonely, unpleasant individual is that her entire blogging career involves such thrilling posts like “Queerness and Commander Shepard as the New Slash” or “On Atheism, the Pope, and Transgender Identity” and storifies (Why do so many pozzed folk love that shitty platform anyway?) like “Analysis of Terminator Gender Themes”. I mean, what kind of lonely loser spergs on and on about politics in nerd culture? Who would do that and expect people to pay them for it?

Desperately seeking attention and clicks, Bootleg Girl has decided to attack NRx. Because if fucking BoingBoing is any indication, bitching about the alt-right as some sort of evil conspiracy trying to usher in RaHoWa and the Silicon Reich puts overweight, tattooed, buttplug-filled asses in seats. Maybe we’re just an obscure enough boogeyman for the hipsters to hate, instead of that boring old GOP? Are Neo-Nazis too mainstream now? Maybe we should get Bryce Laliberte to break Geraldo’s nose and we’ll be too big for them to care about.

Before going into this, bootleg bitch notes that this article is part of her dissertation. One can only wonder what sort of dissertation she’s writing: “The Dynamics of Interbeing and Monological Imperatives in Nerd Culture: A Study in Psychic Transrelational Gender Modes” perhaps? Given how low the standards are in academia, you really can’t put it past her. Personally, if I were her professor, I’d fail her: She calls Mencius Moldbug a conservative Catholic. MyPostingCareer would love to hear that, so they can stop spamming “MOLDBUG IS A FUCKING KIKE” threads on /duck/ every day. That would be lovely.

This aspiring young prog starts her article by citing Arthur Chu. You know you’re in for a really intellectually stimulating read when Mr. Mindkill’s name shows up. She then proceeds to wonder what Justine Tunney’s deal is. It’s not uncommon for progs to hate Tunney, just yesterday she was accused of leading a covert #GamerGate infiltration and takeover of Google. In fact, a quick namesearch will tell you that plenty of prog weeaboo neckbeards hatefully obsess over her in a bizarre and kind of disturbing way. This article is no exception, barring the fact that the author is a woman, or at least I think she is. For being self-proclaimed champions of women in tech, Tunney’s position seems to REALLY infuriate techie progs. The writer then goes on to quote Anissimov calling her an ugly man or something, because Anissimov became a major leader of NRx now that his book is out and he finally got someone to write more than 200 words on it.

Anyway, she says that NRx is a “male, heterosexual” philosophy, but then goes on some long boring diatribe about how it’s based on Plato who was an evil misogynist. It’s easy to miss the details, I was too busy laughing over how apparently ancient Athens is known as a fiercely masculine and heterosexual environment. Maybe this chick is from an alternate universe where social sciences are a valuable field of study, “The Sarkeesian Effect” won Best in Show at Cannes, and I’m making more money than fucking Moviebob. Or more realistically, she’s just delusional like most progs are.

Anyway, she goes on to talk about the idea of nerds being oppressed, and brings up #GamerGate. As AntiDem’s waifu @chobitcoin so eloquently noted, attacking #GamerGate is the most prominent form of signaling for any good up-and-coming nerdy prog writer. Evidently, washed-up old developers can have all their past failures and their entire career revived if they get up and attack #GamerGate. It must be the new prog religious belief.They make a sacred pilgrimage to massive revivals filled with rainbow-haired androgynous sluts and the thirsty overweight closeted bears chasing them. It is there that they atone for their sins of white privilege by joining the sacred jihad against other progs who don’t feel the need to be so insufferable 24/7. Perhaps, if their sins are absolved, the great gods of critical theory will finally descend from the heavens and give them their new, unique gender identity!

She also relates a bunch of boring shit from her personal life about how all the cool kids beat her up in high school. You’ve probably noticed that it’s a common theme for progs to get picked on a lot in school. Will any of them will ever realize that it’s not because they’re “different” but because they’re all incredibly unpleasant to be around? Shit, most of #NRx is autism personified and we still had generally pleasant childhoods. Even the ones of us who didn’t have moved the fuck on with our lives. MPC and /duck/ still shove Anissimov into a locker every other day but he doesn’t seem to let it get him down. Maybe the progs are making this all up because they’ve never really faced the slightest bit of hardship in their childhoods but want sympathy anyway.

The author concludes by saying that she “pities” Tunney. I pity her too, given how her crush weev is most likely going to be happily married before long, depriving her of that big white hyperborean cock that she lusts after. While she’s not literally being cucked, she might as well be, poor girl. But anyone would hardly find someone working for google in NYC to be too pitiable, especially a single woman who seems to be enjoying all sorts of elements of high culture, like the metropolitan opera. Perhaps it’s the typical feminist cattiness, where they hate anyone more womanly than they are? I’ve noticed that most modern feminists seem to have a particular grudge against femininity. Perhaps a case of sour grapes? Either way, I just want to end this bit by saying that unlike most progs, Justine Tunney is an absolutely lovely woman of moral character and she is generous and kind in being a patron of quality work by talented writers and everyone should respect her.