The foremost neoreactionary community in the imageboard scene, /duck/, has abruptly and suddenly closed as of Wednesday, March 25th. Board founder and Almighty God-Emperor of Neoreaction, Duck Enlightenment is at present refusing to comment on the closure, saying “twitter seems overly sensitive today”. While no official reason is patently obvious, Duck’s current twitter spat with Nick Land suggests to some that Mike Anissimov has finally snapped after months upon months of cuck memes, murdering Duck and hijacking his social media account. This shutting down comes only a day or so following the a major shakeup on the rest of 8chan, with /gamergate/ administrator Blade deciding that the community was shit and handing moderator privileges over to aspiring adult entertainer/amateur rapper/9-11 reseacher Teridax. While TRD experts are saying that the two shitstorms being connected is “really fucking unlikely and anyone who thinks they are is retarded”, it still remains a mysterious coincidence.

Of all the Neoreactionary communities, /duck/ was certainly one of a kind. The foremost battleground in the vast internet slapfight between Neoreactionaries and MyPostingCareer, /duck/ was home to a number of memorable debates on topics such as “Is Nick Land on meth”, “Why does Bryce write like a fag”, “Who the fuck is Kantbot”, “MENCIUS MOLDBUG IS A FUCKING KIKE” and other intellectual exchanges. It was said that the average /duck/ poster was an enlightened, sophisticated individual who kept both his body and mind in apex condition. Reports from Phalanx bathhouses also suggested that /duck/ users generally had an above-averaged sized penis. Regardless, the final few days of /duck/ were notoriously troubled: nearly every thread on the board was devoted to discussing either the madness and stupidity of individuals like Genophila, or the practice of cuckoldry. Indeed, one former user noted that “the once overflowing well of original content has gone dryer than a vagina in the presence of Aurini.” A replacement to /duck/ by the name of /neoreaction/ has already been established by Kantbot, but time will tell if it will be suitable.

Further updates on the story will come whenever they develop and TRD staff stops being lazy and does actual fucking journalism for once.



BREAKING NEWS: “Popular NRx” figurehead Mike Annisimov tweeted “Mortal Gnonbat” in what we can only assume to be an attempt at a Gnon pun. Needless to say, this pun fell flat, and was poorly received, given a scant 7/10 from an anonymous source who described it as “okay”. This poor tweet confirms what many in NRx have said for years: Annisimov is entryist scum, and should be crucified in public so that Hurlock will come back, Urbit might actually get released, and MPC will stop trolling NRx. He is a terrible individual who will never contribute anything of value to the movement aside from unfunny tweets with stupid puns. After crucifing him, we should probably nuke idaho just to be sure. Idaho only grows potatos, which is what the Irish eat. And we all know that proper reactionaries hate the Irish, being the “niggers of Britain.” Therefore, the only proper conclusion is that Mike Annisimov is a dirty irish entryist and possibly a negroid as well. FIRE UP THE OVENS!


Possibly the only non-retarded post on a manosphere blog, Our Holy Duck Overlord once wrote an excellent piece on the line “Who bitch is this”, bellowed by a melanin-enriched gentleman confronted by an angry beached whale. The incredulous, confused roaring of the fighting game enthusiast was echoed by many NRx bloggers last night in the wake of the profoundly deluded twitter user (or users!) known as “End Cultural Marxism” or “Genophilia”. Until the events of last night, most intelligent twitter users presumed that this “Genophilia” account was simply a bot, often times retweeting any account complaining about Cultural Marxism or anti-white racism. Their own original posts are spammy nonsense loaded with stormfag buzzwords about “white genocide” and such, with pictures of pretty white models that have already probably sucked more Jew dicks than a Los Angeles whore by the time the photos were taken. The cherry on top of their colossal pile of fail, of course, is that their avatar is that of Natalia Poklonskaya, a slav. So much for loving white women, huh?

Genophilia earned the attention of NRx when NIOreaction, blogger at the New International Outlook, tweeted that #NRx should divorce itself from white nationalism. While an admittedly contentious topic that plenty of intelligent alt-right individuals could debate on for a while, no one in their right mind would think to call NIO an “entryist”. Of course, Genophilia took it a step further and called him a “left-wing poser entryist,” further confirming that their jargon is nothing more than buzzwords. NIO further elaborated by pointing out that most WNs do not analyze political systems very well and are generally a bunch of braindead illiterates. As if to prove his point, Genophilia then called him a “left-wing libertardian troll”, a remark that was resoundingly mocked by Land, Hurlock, and others. Even the cunt destroyer himself, Based Bryce the Ladykiller, attempted to explain to him how wrong he was, only to fail to make any impact. It ultimately came down to Soapjackal, a blogger so prolific that at one point he accounted for 100% of posts on /duck/, to thoroughly put the wannabe-NRx in his place.

In the end, while Genophilia committed several retarded breaches of etiquette, his greatest was simple: he was a fucking retard. He tried to talk down to someone superior than him, on multiple occasions. Thus, he got slapped like a little bitch. You know what they say: talk shit, get hit. There’s a reason this blog doesn’t try to hard to shit on Anissimov, and it’s not because if it did it would just become the “what did Anissimov say today” blog. It’s because Anissimov is higher up on the #NRx ladder than this blog. An Anissimov hitpiece would bury this blog, and rightfully so. Until to you can find your way into the accepted #NRx inner circle, you just post good content for your superiors to enjoy. Until then? Go home and get your fuckin’ shinebox.