It’s hard to find a larger source of insufferable shitlib retardation than DailyKos. This blogging platform, arguably the ur-tumblr, hosts such wonderful blogs like “The Halfrican Fortress of Negritude” which sounds like a thread title on MPC. It also hosts Shawn King, the second public transracial activist known to western civilization, and Margaret Pless, internet tough girl who desperately wishes hotwheels would recognize her as his greatest enemy. So in conclusion, you could arguably oven every single person who uses the site and the world would be a much better place.

But recently, an interesting pattern has occurred. For whatever reasons, leftists are picking up on what’s going on with Trump much, MUCH better than “conservatives”. Perhaps they think that suddenly their years of paranoid fever dreams are finally coming true and Americans are starting to realize that the giant spiked horse dildo being rammed up their butt is not exactly in their best interest.  One can assume that while they get what Trump is doing and what he’s pushing, they expect a Trump presidency to end with San Francisco’s Castro District being firebombed and a brigade of angry redheads storming Manhattan screaming “DIE FAGGOTS DIE”. (Ed.- I will be perfectly happy to lead this brigade if Chuck C. Johnson pussies out.) To them, Trumpenkreig is not just an edgy joke, but the frightening possibility that when Trump is sworn in, it will be on a copy of Mein Kampf by newly-appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice David Duke, with an inaugural address that ends with weev returning to our country with an army of killbots that will use 23 And Me data to wipe out the Jews once and for all.

And that brings us to one DailyKos post by the prestigious writer known as “Mr. Anon”. One can only assume by his username that this is a brave man who wears his guy fawkes mask to really take the fight to the oppressive oligarchy, and restore the power to the people! Clearly he’s not anon because of people discovering that he’s actually a well-off SWPL and not worth listening to, but out of the need to protect himself from evil corporate assassins! But regardless, Mr Anon gives us this little blog piece: “Donald Trump and Neoreaction: Why what he represents must be buried permanently.” To his credit, Mr. Anon recognizes that neoreaction is one word, which right off the bat makes him smarter than PZ Meyers. He also doesn’t mince words and makes it clear that Trump must not just be stopped, but measures must be taken to prevent another Trump. He’s dropped all pretense and has gone into “SHUT IT DOWN” mode.

The article begins by stating that Trump’s candidacy “is ultimately destructive for the American body politic and the political spectrum” and how he represents “an ideology that should be considered the antithesis to modern progressive ideas.” First off, if that idea doesn’t get you rock hard, you’re probably reading the wrong blog. You would probably have a better time of things over at NRO, maybe see if Kevin D. Williamson will invite you to one of his standard fuckparties.

The article goes on to insinuate that Trump is a not a “”nationalist economic populist” as some would call him, but in fact a bonafide neoreactionary. Of course, this is where the more informed NRx types can apply some heavy skepticisim to the writer’s claims. The idea that Donald Trump of all people sat down and read Unqualified Reservations (beyond the Formalist Manifesto) and decided that he’d still run for president is laughable. I could see him maybe reading the first few paragraphs of the Gentle Introduction before getting bored. How Dawkins got Pwned wouldn’t even stand a chance. Trump is a high-energy guy, and let’s face it- outside of perhaps Duck The Almighty, neoreaction is a fairly low-energy, cerebral movement.

Of course, Mr. Anon contradicts himself by saying that no, Trump isn’t actually a real neoreactionary. He then proceeds to contradict his contradiction (Ed.- Is this the fabled LAWGIC TRAP I keep hearing about?) by stating that Trump clearly is a neoreactionary because other neoreactionaries like him. His evidence for this lies in the fact that Trump has been endorsed by an “‘intellectual leader’ in the neoreactionary movement. Supposedly that “intellectual leader” is none other than one Michael Anissimov. Perhaps Mr. Anon is out of the loop, but it’s inexcusable to believe that Anissimov is the intellectual leader of anything other than the metaphysics of hardcore bareback mexican tranny-dom fisting. Perhaps sounding like a valley girl who inhaled one whole tank of helium through the mouth and another in the ass might pass as intellectual among the left, but we on the right have stricter standards- for us you need to either sound like a habitual chainsmoker or a muppet.

Likewise, Mr. Anon commits one of the most grave sins: He assumes PUA/Redpill philosophy is a part of NRx. It’s not clear how one can assume sexual hedonism would fly in a movement built on historic social mores, but liberals seem to love to associate the two anyway. It’s a commonly accepted fact that entry into NRx requires eventually abandoning the debauched and degenerate pursuit of normie 3DPD and taking the more passive option of finding a pure 2D waifu. Waifuism is among the pillars of revolting against the modern world, and indeed riding the catgirl is just as important as riding the tiger.

Mr. Anon concludes his article with the most laughable portion, telling the left to double-down on Obama-ism in order to defeat Trump: “If Trump says something that sounds cool on healthcare, we must make sure our candidates respond by pushing to improve and expand the ACA.” This is the progressive strategy in 2016: militantly defending the status quo.

And in that sense, neoreaction is winning. Suddenly, the overton window has shifted, as the left is now the one standing atop history yelling “PLEASE DON’T THROW ME OUT OF A HELICOPTER”. They’ve gone from pushing the dildo farther up our butts to instead desperately trying to keep it from being pulled out. Trump’s immigration policy is literally reactionary- rather than stop progress, it seeks to actively undo it. True, Trump may be a bit liberal and progressive on other ends, but it is impossible for NRx to deny that even the dumbest of proles is flocking to an elite, upper-class strongman who can un-fuck America. Trump has proven that putting the church of Dildolech on full blast is now a profitable, successful strategy for campaigning.

Will Trump help usher in the Silicon Reich and help the editor’s dream of shoving (((Barbara Spectre))) into an oven come true? Only time will tell. Will Mr. Anon’s posts still be faggy regardless of insight? Most certainly.



I only keep TRV to a schedule, this runs on a “fuck you, whenever I feel like it” timeframe.


When a group of hardline autists from /aristoi/ dug up his posting history, Bryce decided that the only sane response would be to delete fucking everything and quit blogging forever. Of course, there’s an infinitely better course of handling things: address the issue with the poise and grace of an intellectual, ignore and dismiss it all together like an adult, or take a hiatus like a student. Yet somehow, in light of all of this, Bryce HAD to pick the most childish option. It’s actually quite disappointing- despite writing like a fag, he still was a talented and insightful writer. Still, he has no one to blame for all of this but his own lack of resolve. No matter what /aristoi/ did, Bryce failed to demonstrate any neoreactionary principles. For shame Bryce, for shame.


If it weren’t for my general disdain for forums, I’d probably be a user on MPC. It seems to combine two of my favorite interests: triggering/mocking shitlibs and admiring big, muscular men. Hell, their mockery of the rest of the alt-right is pretty scathing and spot-on: most of it is too nerdy and up its own ass with LARPy bullshit. Sadly, Pleasureman himself isn’t immune to that, as the feud with Mike Annisimov has shown. What started as MPC taking the piss out of Annisimov has devolved into a full-on autistic slapfight, both sides sperging out so hard you’d think that you were on an anime forum. Meanwhile shitlibs are still being shitlibs, and some of the top triggermen are arguing over pointless LARPy bullshit. It’s embarrassing and fixes nothing. Knock it off, remember “no enemies to the right” and get back to reminding liberals that they belong in the ovens.


So American Renaissance was a thing, and it continued to be a watered-down circlejerk of old farts signaling how right-wing they are without coming up with any new ideas or profound insights. As if to drive the point home, Matt Forney and some kebab manlet from Return of Kings showed up to hawk their shitty merchandise. First off, what the fuck was a kebab doing at American Renaissance? Are there ANY standards left? Second, can we just admit that “buy my book” has become the right-wing version of “download my mixtape”? Anyway, so these two did nothing of value until the after party where Forney’s kebab buddy was physically removed from a bar after shoving a woman. He claimed that the woman was rejecting him despite her being too fat and ugly to get anything better than him. So to put this in perspective: a kebab manlet who only got into the conference because of his fat friend went to a bar in Tennessee for the afterparty of a white nationalist conference and tried to hit on a girl there before becoming violent after she rejected him. Honestly, I’m disappointed he wasn’t strung up from a tree for being such a sleazy piece of shit.


If NRx had “Reactionaries in name only”, Davis Aurini would probably be at the top of the list, or more than likely on the bottom, scrounging around for pennies to fund his pretentious art projects. Even before he teamed up with randroid sperglord extraordinaire Jordan Owen to create “The Sarkeesian Effect”, Aurini has always been a manosphere entryist desperately signaling to NRx hoping that someone will notice him. Unfortunately for our little Cavalier Kojak, it seems that Owen was the best he could get. Yet Aurini didn’t let that stop him, and he bravely carried onward with producing what he still thinks will be his magnum opus. You see, Davis Aurini is a real man, a man’s man, the kind of man who doesn’t let insignificant things like “basic cinematography” or “having a likable on-screen personality” get in his way!

Unfortunately, it seems that Aurini has run into an obstacle that not even someone of his mighty intellect can defeat. No, not male pattern baldness, he’s already conceded that battle. Certainly not “literally everyone on the planet telling you your movie sucks” because they’re just evil SJWs trying to hold him down! No, in the end, Davis Aurini was done in by his own partner’s autism. Yes, it’s been said that the only way to truly defeat an autist is to find an even greater autist, and Aurini happened to partner up with the biggest sperglord short of Chris-Chan. According to Aurini himself, Owen began going off his rocker because he wasn’t getting laid. Evidently, three hour youtube videos praising Ayn Rand doesn’t exactly get the bitches wet. Rather than take the proper reactionary path of slapping his shit and telling him to stop being a degenerate consumed by his lust for the flesh, Aurini proceeded to recommend that Owen follow the path of pickup artist/sex tourist/child molester Roosh Vasinolgibsteinberg. Unfortunately, Jordan’s pathological fear of long names came into play and he would repeatedly go into spastic fits regarding the mention of Roosh, to the point where he supposedly spazzed so hard that he had to be removed from a plane. And trust me, when a white guy gets pulled from a plane, he’s gotta be spazzing pretty hard.

Anyway, so Jordan, deciding that Aurini is clearly too far off to the right for him, magically gives himself the power to fire his own partner after conveniently sucking up the last few bits of cash left lying around. Because you know, objectivists obviously value things other than money! Now Aurini is left with a bunch of shitty footage, hoping that he can salvage his little dumpster baby through the magic of editing. Sadly, editing doesn’t really fix terrible shooting, so it looks like The Sarkeesian Effect will probably only be sold from the trunk of Aurini’s car.

In an effort to show everyone how not mad he was over this gutwrenching betrayal, Aurini published skype logs of Jordan flipping his shit. These logs show how professional and compassionate Aurini is, with great lines like “I need you semi-coherent to finish this documentary.” In an act of even greater professionalism, Aurini went on to compare his former partner to Supreme Gentleman Eliot Rodgers. Because hey, nothing says “please work with me on my future endeavors” like comparing your prior partner to a violent manlet!

Here’s my advice to you, Davis Aurini: get your fucking shit together. You spent all that time shilling for the Sarkeesian Effect by signaling to moderates like a desperate motherfucker. You desperately wanted those progs to say that you’re not an evil racist misogynist and that you have a point. And yet, lo and behold, the objectivist moron you teamed up with is now throwing you under the bus. Here you are, getting fucked in the ass by a fat, hairy doofus for all the internet to see. You emasculated yourself to sell your stupid movie, and now you’re realizing why that’s such a dumb idea. If I were you, I’d just abandon the project, admit it’s dead, and give everyone a refund. Take your failure like a man. Learn how to shoot footage that doesn’t look like it was for a cheap porno and try again, this time with an actual team of skilled filmmakers.

Oh, and for fuck’s sake, drop Roosh and the manosphere clowns. You’re a grown man who served in the armed forces and graduated college. Sure it was the Canadian armed forces and you majored in history, but for god’s sakes you have better things to do than affiliate with overgrown teenagers obsessed with fucking all the cheerleaders. Seriously, get your shit together.