In what drama experts are calling “totally unprecedented” Mike Anissimov’s impotent ragestorm has entered it’s third day of incessant internet insanity. Having thorougly made an ass out of himself going after SOBL1, Anissimov has since turned his sights to new targets. The first target is Julie Borowski, a Polish-American girl who makes political youtube videos. Mike, in a fit of hysteria, considered her to be his pure white waifu. He proceeded to spam her twitter with marraige proposals, dating requests, death threats to her current boyfriend, and a desire to cuddle up and play Sonic 3 with her.

There are a number of things that can be deduced from this. First off, Borowski is an active libertarian. So we can clearly guess that Anissimov isn’t quite the traditionalist that he says he is. Second, and more importantly, Mike explicitly said Sonic 3. In the day and age of emulation or eBay, there really is no reason to be playing Sonic 3 when the superior Sonic 3 and Knuckles is easily available. So we now know for a fact that since Mike thinks Sonic 3 is better than S3&K, he does not actually have autism. Thus, if Mike doesn’t have autism, we must instead conclude that instead he’s just a fucking idiot.

Mike’s rage didn’t stop there, however. Noted twitter thirst-trap “Tipsycaek” reached out to Mike, offering to stroke his golden locks of hair. Anissimov, however, rejected her, and later dismissed her as a common whore. TRD officials researched this Tipsycaek character and were disappointed to discover that she does not in fact possess a penis. However, this revelation combined with her whiteness (natural blond hair and blue eyes!) very much shows that she’s not Mike’s kind of girl. Until Bad Dragon makes strap-on products, we can most likely confirm that there will not be any chemistry between the two.

Of course, Tipsycaek’s friend, twitter user and noted AC repairman/quality NRx poster “KawaiiKraken” happened to comment that Mike looks like the bassist for a 90’s alt-rock band. Clearly, this was an insult of the highest degree- Mike obviously fashions himself as a lead singer, or at least a guitarist. (Editor’s note- if evidence can be found of Anissimov being in a band, I’m sure Chuck C. Johnson will pay for a demo or mixtape or whatever.) Incensed beyond relief, Mikey went on the warpath, making several graphic threats to murder KawaiiKraken for the crime of insulting his honor. The sheer nonsensical verbosity of the threats informs us that Mike has most likely never been in a fight in his entire life, much less one where he had to kill a man.

As Mike’s rage burned bright, our Holy Duck Overlord stepped in, pointing out that Mike was acting like an absolute lunatic and took some potshots at his shattered sanity. Mike’s response was to claim that he was the leader of NRx and could easily drive Duck off of twitter. At this point it would be pertient to remind everyone that Duck is the spiritual leader of Neoreaction, with Nick B. Steves as our current regent. Anissimov has been formally decried and excommunicated from Neoreaction for being a huge cunt that nobody likes. TRD experts are not sure what he’s smoking to think that he somehow has the power to end someone’s twitter career. TRD experts are also quite interested in how many mexican dicks he had to suck to get so many doses.

Of course, as all of this drama went on, it wasn’t long before the Grand High Dragon Wizard of Drama, Andrew “weev” Aurenheimer. Never one to pass on someone whose power level wasn’t at least 1488, weev took to storify (a remarkably pozzed medium, all things considered) to slap Anissimov across the face with his big white hyperborean cock in a display of masculine superiority that Justine Tunney and most of /aristoi/ will undoubtedly be furiously masturbating to later tonight. To rub salt in the wound, weev proceeded to post Mike’s address and phone number on the MPC shoutbox and 8chan’s /cow/. Using seven proxies, TRD researchers had found that this information had also spread to /baphomet/. While this may lead people to believe that Anissimov would be swatted, his current twitter posts leave plenty of reason to call the police. Using Anissimov’s dox, a crack team of google users quickly discovered a photograph of his humble abode. The house would be described by real estate experts as a “fucking dump”.

When asked via ask.fm about the doxing, former Neoreactionary and noted weaboo AntiDem questioned weev’s right-wing credentials. TRD staff has hired a crack team of #GamerGate private eyes who have confirmed that yes, Anissimov and AntiDem are good friends IRL. Also of note is twitter user “TheBechtloff” reaching out to Anissimov and encouraging him to apologize. Anissimov’s response amounted to dismissal. Bechtloff is an associate of Davis Aurini and a writer for “Reaxxion”, a #GamerGate cash-in site run by notorious pseudo-reactionary Roosh Vashamalayanstein. TRD’s mental health experts have determined that Mike rejecting Bechtloff’s helping hand is a sign that he still possesses SOME mental faculties, such as self-respect. Roosh himself has also commented on the meltdown, but reporters are still scouring the globe looking for anyone of note who gives a fuck what Roosh thinks.

Anissimov has yet to be directly reached for comment, due to blocking TRD officials on twitter, and Pleasureman failing to properly take them out of chaperone mode on MPC before Anissimov could leave the shoutbox. His last known comment there consisted of him saying he’d be going to get a shower, not responding to allegations that it was of the golden variety.



Only months after assuming the throne as the official leader of NRx, Mike Anissimov has been formally ousted by Nick “Bonaparte” Steves, who has used his new position to formally excommunicate Anissimov from Neoreaction. Citing Anissimov’s poor treatment of the dearly departed Bryce Laliberte, Nick I has formally severed all ties with Anissimov and is urging other Neoreactionaries to do the same.

Anissimov had always been one of the more troubled members of Neoreaction. He is predominately known for his petty online arguments. He also ran some site called MoreRight which was supposed to be a spinoff of LessWrong, with the twist being that no one actually ever visited it. Highlights of his posting history include his spat with /duck/, his spat with Nick Land, his spat with #Orcbrand and his spat with MyPostingCareer. While his ability to rustle shitlib jimmies was above average, he simply could not abandon his vicious desire to attack what should be his allies. Anissimov’s downfall will be remembered (if at all) as one of hubris, his ego being stretched much like his asshole following the sheer anal apocalypse that was perpetuated upon him following his attempted assault on MPC. Rumors of a government-in-exile in Idaho are flying around, but TRD staff have yet to find anyone in Idaho with a functioning Internet connection.

Immediate expectations from Nick I is a long-awaited normalization of relations with #Orcbrand and MPC. More discussion is probably going on in one of those Jackal Hours but no TRD writer can manage to stay awake long enough for one of those.


The foremost neoreactionary community in the imageboard scene, /duck/, has abruptly and suddenly closed as of Wednesday, March 25th. Board founder and Almighty God-Emperor of Neoreaction, Duck Enlightenment is at present refusing to comment on the closure, saying “twitter seems overly sensitive today”. While no official reason is patently obvious, Duck’s current twitter spat with Nick Land suggests to some that Mike Anissimov has finally snapped after months upon months of cuck memes, murdering Duck and hijacking his social media account. This shutting down comes only a day or so following the a major shakeup on the rest of 8chan, with /gamergate/ administrator Blade deciding that the community was shit and handing moderator privileges over to aspiring adult entertainer/amateur rapper/9-11 reseacher Teridax. While TRD experts are saying that the two shitstorms being connected is “really fucking unlikely and anyone who thinks they are is retarded”, it still remains a mysterious coincidence.

Of all the Neoreactionary communities, /duck/ was certainly one of a kind. The foremost battleground in the vast internet slapfight between Neoreactionaries and MyPostingCareer, /duck/ was home to a number of memorable debates on topics such as “Is Nick Land on meth”, “Why does Bryce write like a fag”, “Who the fuck is Kantbot”, “MENCIUS MOLDBUG IS A FUCKING KIKE” and other intellectual exchanges. It was said that the average /duck/ poster was an enlightened, sophisticated individual who kept both his body and mind in apex condition. Reports from Phalanx bathhouses also suggested that /duck/ users generally had an above-averaged sized penis. Regardless, the final few days of /duck/ were notoriously troubled: nearly every thread on the board was devoted to discussing either the madness and stupidity of individuals like Genophila, or the practice of cuckoldry. Indeed, one former user noted that “the once overflowing well of original content has gone dryer than a vagina in the presence of Aurini.” A replacement to /duck/ by the name of /neoreaction/ has already been established by Kantbot, but time will tell if it will be suitable.

Further updates on the story will come whenever they develop and TRD staff stops being lazy and does actual fucking journalism for once.


BREAKING NEWS: “Popular NRx” figurehead Mike Annisimov tweeted “Mortal Gnonbat” in what we can only assume to be an attempt at a Gnon pun. Needless to say, this pun fell flat, and was poorly received, given a scant 7/10 from an anonymous source who described it as “okay”. This poor tweet confirms what many in NRx have said for years: Annisimov is entryist scum, and should be crucified in public so that Hurlock will come back, Urbit might actually get released, and MPC will stop trolling NRx. He is a terrible individual who will never contribute anything of value to the movement aside from unfunny tweets with stupid puns. After crucifing him, we should probably nuke idaho just to be sure. Idaho only grows potatos, which is what the Irish eat. And we all know that proper reactionaries hate the Irish, being the “niggers of Britain.” Therefore, the only proper conclusion is that Mike Annisimov is a dirty irish entryist and possibly a negroid as well. FIRE UP THE OVENS!


Possibly the only non-retarded post on a manosphere blog, Our Holy Duck Overlord once wrote an excellent piece on the line “Who bitch is this”, bellowed by a melanin-enriched gentleman confronted by an angry beached whale. The incredulous, confused roaring of the fighting game enthusiast was echoed by many NRx bloggers last night in the wake of the profoundly deluded twitter user (or users!) known as “End Cultural Marxism” or “Genophilia”. Until the events of last night, most intelligent twitter users presumed that this “Genophilia” account was simply a bot, often times retweeting any account complaining about Cultural Marxism or anti-white racism. Their own original posts are spammy nonsense loaded with stormfag buzzwords about “white genocide” and such, with pictures of pretty white models that have already probably sucked more Jew dicks than a Los Angeles whore by the time the photos were taken. The cherry on top of their colossal pile of fail, of course, is that their avatar is that of Natalia Poklonskaya, a slav. So much for loving white women, huh?

Genophilia earned the attention of NRx when NIOreaction, blogger at the New International Outlook, tweeted that #NRx should divorce itself from white nationalism. While an admittedly contentious topic that plenty of intelligent alt-right individuals could debate on for a while, no one in their right mind would think to call NIO an “entryist”. Of course, Genophilia took it a step further and called him a “left-wing poser entryist,” further confirming that their jargon is nothing more than buzzwords. NIO further elaborated by pointing out that most WNs do not analyze political systems very well and are generally a bunch of braindead illiterates. As if to prove his point, Genophilia then called him a “left-wing libertardian troll”, a remark that was resoundingly mocked by Land, Hurlock, and others. Even the cunt destroyer himself, Based Bryce the Ladykiller, attempted to explain to him how wrong he was, only to fail to make any impact. It ultimately came down to Soapjackal, a blogger so prolific that at one point he accounted for 100% of posts on /duck/, to thoroughly put the wannabe-NRx in his place.

In the end, while Genophilia committed several retarded breaches of etiquette, his greatest was simple: he was a fucking retard. He tried to talk down to someone superior than him, on multiple occasions. Thus, he got slapped like a little bitch. You know what they say: talk shit, get hit. There’s a reason this blog doesn’t try to hard to shit on Anissimov, and it’s not because if it did it would just become the “what did Anissimov say today” blog. It’s because Anissimov is higher up on the #NRx ladder than this blog. An Anissimov hitpiece would bury this blog, and rightfully so. Until to you can find your way into the accepted #NRx inner circle, you just post good content for your superiors to enjoy. Until then? Go home and get your fuckin’ shinebox.


So evidently this blogger called “Bootleg Girl” exists. The name is quite fitting, at least the “bootleg” part. When you feel the need to remind everyone in pretty much every single post how much of a woman you are, you basically degrade into being a rough facsimile of a woman. She even has a spider and cobwebs in her avatar, probably representative of her dry, lonely, cavernous vagina that no respectable man would enter and even the thirstiest of white knights would think twice before plunging into. (UPDATE: Last night Bootleg Girl told me that she had a penis. This explains why Mike “No Homo” Anissimov is still obsessing over her) Perhaps the reason she’s such a lonely, unpleasant individual is that her entire blogging career involves such thrilling posts like “Queerness and Commander Shepard as the New Slash” or “On Atheism, the Pope, and Transgender Identity” and storifies (Why do so many pozzed folk love that shitty platform anyway?) like “Analysis of Terminator Gender Themes”. I mean, what kind of lonely loser spergs on and on about politics in nerd culture? Who would do that and expect people to pay them for it?

Desperately seeking attention and clicks, Bootleg Girl has decided to attack NRx. Because if fucking BoingBoing is any indication, bitching about the alt-right as some sort of evil conspiracy trying to usher in RaHoWa and the Silicon Reich puts overweight, tattooed, buttplug-filled asses in seats. Maybe we’re just an obscure enough boogeyman for the hipsters to hate, instead of that boring old GOP? Are Neo-Nazis too mainstream now? Maybe we should get Bryce Laliberte to break Geraldo’s nose and we’ll be too big for them to care about.

Before going into this, bootleg bitch notes that this article is part of her dissertation. One can only wonder what sort of dissertation she’s writing: “The Dynamics of Interbeing and Monological Imperatives in Nerd Culture: A Study in Psychic Transrelational Gender Modes” perhaps? Given how low the standards are in academia, you really can’t put it past her. Personally, if I were her professor, I’d fail her: She calls Mencius Moldbug a conservative Catholic. MyPostingCareer would love to hear that, so they can stop spamming “MOLDBUG IS A FUCKING KIKE” threads on /duck/ every day. That would be lovely.

This aspiring young prog starts her article by citing Arthur Chu. You know you’re in for a really intellectually stimulating read when Mr. Mindkill’s name shows up. She then proceeds to wonder what Justine Tunney’s deal is. It’s not uncommon for progs to hate Tunney, just yesterday she was accused of leading a covert #GamerGate infiltration and takeover of Google. In fact, a quick namesearch will tell you that plenty of prog weeaboo neckbeards hatefully obsess over her in a bizarre and kind of disturbing way. This article is no exception, barring the fact that the author is a woman, or at least I think she is. For being self-proclaimed champions of women in tech, Tunney’s position seems to REALLY infuriate techie progs. The writer then goes on to quote Anissimov calling her an ugly man or something, because Anissimov became a major leader of NRx now that his book is out and he finally got someone to write more than 200 words on it.

Anyway, she says that NRx is a “male, heterosexual” philosophy, but then goes on some long boring diatribe about how it’s based on Plato who was an evil misogynist. It’s easy to miss the details, I was too busy laughing over how apparently ancient Athens is known as a fiercely masculine and heterosexual environment. Maybe this chick is from an alternate universe where social sciences are a valuable field of study, “The Sarkeesian Effect” won Best in Show at Cannes, and I’m making more money than fucking Moviebob. Or more realistically, she’s just delusional like most progs are.

Anyway, she goes on to talk about the idea of nerds being oppressed, and brings up #GamerGate. As AntiDem’s waifu @chobitcoin so eloquently noted, attacking #GamerGate is the most prominent form of signaling for any good up-and-coming nerdy prog writer. Evidently, washed-up old developers can have all their past failures and their entire career revived if they get up and attack #GamerGate. It must be the new prog religious belief.They make a sacred pilgrimage to massive revivals filled with rainbow-haired androgynous sluts and the thirsty overweight closeted bears chasing them. It is there that they atone for their sins of white privilege by joining the sacred jihad against other progs who don’t feel the need to be so insufferable 24/7. Perhaps, if their sins are absolved, the great gods of critical theory will finally descend from the heavens and give them their new, unique gender identity!

She also relates a bunch of boring shit from her personal life about how all the cool kids beat her up in high school. You’ve probably noticed that it’s a common theme for progs to get picked on a lot in school. Will any of them will ever realize that it’s not because they’re “different” but because they’re all incredibly unpleasant to be around? Shit, most of #NRx is autism personified and we still had generally pleasant childhoods. Even the ones of us who didn’t have moved the fuck on with our lives. MPC and /duck/ still shove Anissimov into a locker every other day but he doesn’t seem to let it get him down. Maybe the progs are making this all up because they’ve never really faced the slightest bit of hardship in their childhoods but want sympathy anyway.

The author concludes by saying that she “pities” Tunney. I pity her too, given how her crush weev is most likely going to be happily married before long, depriving her of that big white hyperborean cock that she lusts after. While she’s not literally being cucked, she might as well be, poor girl. But anyone would hardly find someone working for google in NYC to be too pitiable, especially a single woman who seems to be enjoying all sorts of elements of high culture, like the metropolitan opera. Perhaps it’s the typical feminist cattiness, where they hate anyone more womanly than they are? I’ve noticed that most modern feminists seem to have a particular grudge against femininity. Perhaps a case of sour grapes? Either way, I just want to end this bit by saying that unlike most progs, Justine Tunney is an absolutely lovely woman of moral character and she is generous and kind in being a patron of quality work by talented writers and everyone should respect her.