Today I picked up my copy of The Week. Much to my pleasant surprise, Matt K. Lewis’s limpout about the cuckservative trend on the Daily Beast was part of the Week’s featured columns. That means that an article which directly linked to TRD had now been republished (albeit in abbreviated form) in print media. Granted, my name or my blog at all doesn’t show up, but I like to think of it as a minor victory. Meanwhile, The Week is the first publication that I know of to actually print the word “cuckservative” and to me that’s the REAL victory.

But that’s not the real story here. The real story is that MattyB’s piece was picked up by Salon. Now, it’s still standard TRD policy that Salon should not in any way profit off of our work and that all Salon writers (Barring @Salondotcom) need to be repeatedly shot and thrown into an oven, so I’ll link to an archived version of it here.

So this is where I get to say it: I fucking told you so. Let’s go back to my previous article. I have a few quotes I wanna share:

“The main criticism of cuckservatives is that they try their hardest to appeal to liberals by saying ‘LOOK HOW OPEN-MINDED AND TOLERANT WE ARE, WE’RE NOT EVIL RACISTS, WE SWEAR!'”

“So when people call you out as a cuck who capitulates to liberals on every issue, your decision is to go running away to the Daily fucking Beast?”

“Read the comments, do you see a single person sympathetic to you or your cause? Is anyone going to suddenly start voting GOP because of your article on the Daily Beast? Of course not! They hate you. They hate you and everything you stand for.”

Okay, sure, I didn’t directly predict that liberals would smell blood in doormat’s pathetic little capitulation and try to capitalize on it, but it was heavily implied. The Salon piece condescendingly recognizes Lewis for calling out racists who support Trump, then demanding he also turn his attention to Scott Walker, who is somehow equally racist, citing some politically incorrect e-mails. The goal is so transparently simple that I doubt they’d deny it- they want to purge the GOP of anything that might be considered pro-white. They want to make it abundantly clear that any pro-white group will have zero political power or influence. It’s the No Platform policy I talked about on TRV earlier.

In essence, the response to “cuckservative” has proved the term entirely accurate. The cucks targeted immediately denounced it as a racist term and prostrated themselves before the liberals, hoping to win their approval. Instead, sensing weakness, the liberals pounced and simply used it as an opportunity to make even more excessive demands from the cucks. It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

This is a short article. There’s not a lot of jokes in it. That’s because there is no joke I could tell that could possibly be funnier than everything we’ve all been saying since the start of this cuckservative mess being proven true in perfect form. So have a good laugh, friends. We’ve all earned it today.