So I’ll come right out and say it- TheRightDrama is officially endorsing Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidental Elections. While the previous stance on elections has been the NRx position of “voting is for fags”, the editorial board of TRD has looked at Trump’s statements and adequately determined that he is enough of a shitlord bigot douchemaster whose election would trigger enough faggy liberals and even more faggy cuckservatives.

In fact, speaking of cuckservatives, it seems that they’re finally waking up to the fact that their own base is sick and tired of them. More recently, they’ve finally picked up on what a cuckservative is. It started with a piece by Radix, whose very existence triggers the shit out the mainstream right. Radix’s Alfred W. Clark did an excellent writeup on it, (he missed the part where it was invented by a bunch of gay racist bodybuilders and cob building enthusiasts, but nobody’s perfect) and D-list cuckservative Erick Erickson, who in any sane world would be barred from writing for any respectable outlet until he changed his stupid fucking name, discovered the piece and proceeded to get hella butthurt about it.

Now, this isn’t the first time a “conservative” has been put in the hot-seat by alt-right twitter. Notorious Brietbart Bottom-Boy Milo Yanniapolous (fuck your greek name, I’ll spell it right when they fix their economy) was called out by Duck himself, along with the marginally less obviously homosexual Mike Cernovich. When called out for their rejection of ideas to the right of them, both simply politely stated that the ideas weren’t for them and didn’t bother with any moral signaling or soapboxing. That’s why, despite literally taking black dicks up his ass, Milo is not a cuckservative. Likewise, despite putting his dick up Thai ladyboy ass, Mike Cernovich is also not a cuckservative (and is even putting the cuckservatives on full blast right now!). Normally the less vitriolic “Conservakin” will do just fine here.

But E.E. Cum-In-My-Ass, didn’t do any of that. His response? “Remember, if you hear the term ‘cuckservative,’ it is a slur against Christian voters coined by white-supremacists.” It’s almost like there’s a happy merchant with his hand right up ErickSon-Isn’t-Mine’s ass. Throw in a few “Oy vey, Goyim!”s and it would sound like a /pol/ hoax. Where do you even begin with this retarded shit? My personal favorite is the idea that it’s a slur against Christian voters. Because let’s be honest, if keeping a government run by the people whose ancestors KILLED CHRIST HIMSELF is “Christian” then fuck it, maybe Varg was wrong about the church burnings being unproductive. Apparently, opening the borders to a bunch of drug dealers and rapists is also the Christian thing to do. Because you know, a homicidal death cult/drug cartel is perfectly welcome if they use just enough Catholic iconography!

But the real thing that cements the Erick-hai Chieftain as a bon-a-fide, true-blue, wife-takes-dindu-donkey-dong-in-the-doodyhole Cuckservative is how he uses “white supremacist” as an epithet. Regardless of your issues with WS methodology and ideas, to demonize them is just stupid. And as much as TRD has shat on Genophilia and friends, that little band of retards is much more useful and worthwhile than any backstabbing racially-blind ignoramus. Liberals do not throw people to the left of them under the bus. Bernie Sanders is an openly socialist Jew who still somehow thinks that #BlackLivesMatter (protip: they don’t) and Hillary Clinton isn’t trying to run him out of town for being too radical. In fact, her response is to go even further to the left. Meanwhile when THE DONALD talks about actually enforcing immigration law and boarding up the border, “conservatives” immediately lose their mind. When people on the alt-right talk about conservatives being cucked, it’s because they’re so mentally and emotionally enslaved to Martin Luther King Jr.’s communism and Abraham Lincoln’s progressivism that they can’t actually develop principles and real standards. They’re letting liberals just viciously gang-rape conservatism right on top of the pinball table, then wondering why no one respects them and they can barely win elections.

No real conservative can honestly say with pride that his First Lady is a 4’7″ chola named “Columbia”. Liberals may be shameless enough to have no problem with a tranny gorilla representing the country abroad, but Conservatives are supposed to be the party of actual standards and morals. But instead, with the cuckservatives leading the charge, they take it because fuck, what else are they supposed to do? Endorse a scary racist? God forbid one of them take office, they might actually have a set of moral values that they try to keep America committed to! And we all know that’s not what conservatism is really about- it’s about tax breaks on all the rich businessmen who donate and throwing tons of money at Israel, maybe bombing a few brown people if they’re scared of being shoah’d. Morality? Decency? Nah, better to let open sodomites into our party so we can show that Democrats are the REAL bigots!

So yeah, fuck the cuckservatives. Trump 2016.



Ah, Genophilia, the most consistently retarded poster perhaps on the entire alt-right (and when you take Aurini and the “manosphere” into account, that’s saying something). You’d think he’d have his hands full, given how yesterday the infinitely annoying “white genocide” slogan finally got trending. Yes, dear reader, there are people who actually, unironically think that mass immigration and miscegenation are actually an organized conspiracy by DA JOOS to kill off all white people. This is why most of NRx looks down on National Socialism: rather than understand the nuanced and subtle nature of memetics, academia, and the history of European Jewry, most will just jump to conclusions and think that the Frankfurt School were some diabolical masterminds hoping to kill every Aryan and sodomize their babies. The result is a bunch of screeching, paranoid idiots who parrot idiotic slogans divorced from reality that do nothing but alienate other proles and make leftism seem more attractive.

Anyway, Genophilia’s latest hilarious fuckup starts with an innocent story at the New York Times by Judith Shulevitz (are ANY gentiles writing at the NYT anymore?) discussing the failings of the idea of a “safe space” in academia. Despite the desperate signaling to young whiny millennials that their feelings aren’t invalid (they totally fucking are) it’s a quite amusing read when it comes to how childish and immature the average progressive is. Evidently college students are so childish that their “safe space” requires cookies, coloring books, play-doh, and blankets and pillows. All they need is an overly-friendly middle-aged lesbian teacher and I’m sure it’ll be a perfect simulation of their childhood.

So Slate writer Jamelle Bouie linked the article on twitter and wondered what the point of academia is when people just run from ideas they find uncomfortable. Greg Allmain of Theden.TV writes a piece calling out Bouie on his hypocrisy, reminding him in his role of keeping Razib Kahn out of the NYT for his work in the field of human biodiversity. A typical piece on prog hypocrisy that had the alt-right community joking and laughing about it for quite some time.

Anyway, responding to Greg’s twitter post was none other than our Illustrious Duck Overlord, Long May He Reign. He makes the witty observation that Bouie has a good reason to fear racial real-talk: he has a white girlfriend. And in came Genophila, yapping like a Chihuahua getting fucked by a Doberman about the girl being a “mud shark” (He could at least be creative: There’s stuff like “coal burner”, “chocolate chaser”, “coon hound”, and my personal favorite, “sambo slut”) much to everyone’s annoyance. Duck The Magnificent mercifully reminded him to keep things on topic and take his signaling somewhere else. Once again, Genophilia failed to realize that he was addressing his betters, and responded, “just making a point, silly duck”.

At this point, The Venerated Duck, First Among All, decided that he wouldn’t have any more of Genophilia’s nonsense. He very swiftly and promptly reminded Genophilia to sit down, shut up, and learn his place. Deciding that Genophilia no longer deserved his attention, The Duck of Great Justice and Judgement administered a block, locking the little shit outside until he could learn how to act like a civilized human being. Twitter user “HbdNrx” tried to justify his arrogance and overall uselessness, before finally explaining it: HE is in fact a SHE!

Suddenly, Genophilia’s idiocy is much more understandable: Who else would insert themselves into a conversation, signal like a motherfucker, and try to make it all about them? That’s the calling card of a modern woman! More than likely a dyke to boot, given their creepy fetishization of Natalia Poklonskaya. The picture is painted perfectly: unable to bear a white man’s child to continue the race, Genophilia would rather attention whore her way to the top and convince white men to fuck white women (including slavs) with all the irritating lack of civility and grace of a typical white woman. If you want to know why white birthrates are dropping so much, look at Genophilia’s irritating, obnoxious bitchy behavior- not even right-leaning women are safe from the poisonous behaviors plaguing white women. It would also explain the irritating amount of brain-dead rando sycophants popping up on TRD whenever she’s mentioned- they’re just dry-dicked white knights!

So here’s the thing, Genophilia: if you REALLY want to save white people? Fix white women, starting with yourself. Don’t talk down to the white men you want to knock you up. Stop making everything about yourself. Shut the fuck up and listen when your betters are addressing you. Be the housewife that you want to see in the world. Maybe then white guys will stop chasing asian sideways pussy and come home. But until then? Go home and get your fuckin’ shinebox.