What is drama?

Drama can take many forms, here are a few:

  • SJW bitchfests
  • twitter slapfights
  • public meltdowns
  • NRx bitchfests
  • dudes getting cucked
  • chicks getting cucked
  • someone saying something dumb
  • someone doing something dumb
  • someone just generally being dumb
  • someone being really really dumb
  • pretty much everything related to #GamerGate
  • chatlogs and emails being leaked
  • someone begging for money
  • entryists
  • accusations of being an entryist
  • accusations of accusing people of being an entryist
  • sperging out
  • chimping out
  • simultaneously sperging and chimping out
  • someone not even lifting
  • someone being a closet homosexual
  • someone being an open homosexual
  • someone actually having a sex life
  • MPC raids
  • substance abuse problems
  • writing shitty blogs about other people’s drama

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